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Internet slow/unresponsive when network traffic is high


Internet slow/unresponsive when network traffic is high

First a thanks to all of you out that that make this forum go.  I'd like to consider myself fairly technologically savvy, but some of this stuff is just over my head...


Anyway - had UVerse on and off over the last two years.  Overall I'm a fan.  Recently though I've noticed problems with connecting to the internet when doing other things on the home network.  My network setup consists of a PS3 (directly connected to the RG), a ReadyNAS Duo media server (also directly connected), two wireless laptops, 1 wired PC (connected through STB), and 1 WD TV Live (connected through a different STB).  If I'm home alone and just using the internet, no problem.  The problems come when we've got multiple things going on.  For example... My roommate is streaming video from the ReadyNAS to the PS3 (or playing PS3 online), I'm transferring files to the ReadyNAS, and/or downloading files from the internet.  All that stuff works fine, but if I try and go to a website with other things going on it times out almost everytime.  I've also had issues with the whole house DVR sending HD video to my bedroom HDTV, however mostly when I have other network traffic active.  Is this just a case of overloading the RG, or are there settings somewhere that can make this all work better. I've been thinking about adding a wireless N gigabit router to the mix but in the past I've had trouble getting wireless routers to play nice with the RG.  


Any suggestions?  If I should get a new router to run the computing side of my home network are there any recommendations for a router that plays nice with the 2Wire RG?


Thanks for the help!

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Re: Internet slow/unresponsive when network traffic is high

Well my first question is are the tv's connected by rg or by cat 5. If they are connected by a cat 5 cable then there is your issue. I had a few tv's connected by cat 5 and my internet speeds were horrendous. Try using rg for tv and you should be ok.

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