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Internet access through coax


Internet access through coax

I was wondering if was possible to get Inet access through the coax connection on the gateway. My desktop is in a seperate room from the gateway. There is a coax connection in that room and I wanted to know if it would be possible to install a cable modem between the gateway and my desktop to get internet access through the coax connection.

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Re: Internet access through coax

Not a cable modem, that's the wrong technology and protocols.


You can use an HPNA bridge / transceiver, Actiontek makes one that I've used with good results.


I'm assuming that there is no set-top box in the room with your computer .... if the STB is connected by coax to the RG, you can use the Ethernet jack in the STB. Please note that it is NOT A SUPPORTED CONFIG as far as AT&T is concerned ... so if you have issues later, they will ask you to disconnect that line.

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Re: Internet access through coax

You might also want to consider a wireless connection. The RG has wireless capability, however you would have to purchase a wireless adapter for your desktop computer.

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