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Intermittent internet dropouts

Intermittent internet dropouts



I made the switch to UVerse over the weekend (UVerse television itself is great, the process of getting it installed was the worst customer service nightmare of my life) and I'm having problems with my internet service.  It seems like maybe 30-40 percent of the time, I have no connection to the internet at all from the wireless card on my laptop.  This happened zero percent of the time with my previous internet provider, so I'm almost sure it's not the computer itself.  I can still connect to other wireless networks.  I'm getting "excellent" signal strength from UVerse at all times, so that's not the issue.  There aren't any problems at all with the television service and I'm very close to the VRAD, so that shouldn't be a concern.


I've run Spybot looking for spyware, and that's not it.  I switched my DNS servers over to OpenDNS because I've read that can help.  When the connection works, it seems noticeably faster since going to OpenDNS, but it still only works intermittently.  Everything seems to work just fine when I'm on other wireless networks, so it's almost certainly a UVerse-specific problem.  I get the same problem whether I use IE or Firefox.


I'm at a loss at this point.  This has been going on since Saturday, so I don't think it's a temporary glitch.  Anyone have any suggestions?  I'm beyond thrilled with the television service, but between this and the two missed installation appointments (how is it possible to be late for the first appointment of the day, twice?) I'm really getting frustrated with everything about UVerse that isn't television.


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Intermittent internet dropouts

maybe  let windows manage the wireless in case u use third party  (aka 2 wire etc ) on the laptop ??

also try for a diff channel for better reception ???  change from **  to 4 or 9   etc



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Re: Intermittent internet dropouts

same is happening at my place since last 3-4 days :smileysad:
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Re: Intermittent internet dropouts

I have had the same thing with the wireless and dont know what the issue is. I let windows manage it and it helps somewhat but not entirely. I think its just cheap hardware. The dongle from 2 Wire. Thats my opinion on it. Is there a 3rd party, or 2 wire card, that can be used insted of the dongle? Something that Uverse supports so we dont get the "We dont support 3rd Party hardware" answer when we have issues. 
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Re: Intermittent internet dropouts

Switching over to OpenDNS seems to have worked.  I rebooted everything and now it's working perfectly.  Frankly, I'm stunned how well it's working.


I'd strongly suggest doing the same if you're having problems with your connection.

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Re: Intermittent internet dropouts

Why should we have to change DNS settings? I like the service but its begining to be a load of crap. Something simple as DNS c'mon ATT.
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Re: Intermittent internet dropouts

twistedpair wrote:
Why should we have to change DNS settings? I like the service but its begining to be a load of crap. Something simple as DNS c'mon ATT.

I wouldn't expect AT&T to be good at this networking stuff as they are a TV company... what do they know about telecommunications or networking, anyway? :smileywink:


Maybe someone will tell us when "Phase 2" of their DNS service will roll out that will fix this and when "Phase 3" will happen that will let me change my DNS servers in the RG so I don't have to do it on all of my desktops, laptops, cell phones, Internet tablets, music servers, etc. (yes, I have at least 15 devices on my network right now...)



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Re: Intermittent internet dropouts

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