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Intermittent Disconnects

Intermittent Disconnects

I have only had U-Verse for about a month now. Since I've had it, the TV and internet have gone out about once per day. Some days, however, they each go out a lot (4 or 5 times per hour). Honestly the difference may be in the amount I notice it rather than the amount it happens. I have spoken with tech support and they have replaced my 2-Wire gateway, and have checked the line and said there is no problem. Any ideas? Here are my U-Verse Realtime screenshots:



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Re: Intermittent Disconnects

Please also post the Error Table tab and the Coax/HPNA tab.


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Re: Intermittent Disconnects

Sorry, wasn't sure which screens to post. Here they are.



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Re: Intermittent Disconnects

I disagree with the techs you have talked with -- I think something is wrong with the line.  The uncorrected blocks should not be counting up like they are with your line, as you are fairly close to the VRAD and have a really good signal.


Also, there is unusual interference showing up on the line in the 6 MHz area.  This is the likely source of the problems.  This could be a device in your home that it causing the interference, or it could be outside the home, or in the VRAD.  I think this device needs to be found and removed or replaced.


Click the tab in my signature below that says AT&T Links, and on that signature panel there is a link that says AT&T Social Media Support Team. This will take you to a page with contact information for David and Matt, who are tier 2 specialists. Follow the directions there to e-mail them, they will get to the bottom of the problem.

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Re: Intermittent Disconnects

Just had my TV freeze up, and took two new screenshots right afterward. Here they are:





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Re: Intermittent Disconnects

It's definitely the interference in that 6.0 MHz range -- it's worse now than before.


There's some device that's putting out that frequency and interfering with the line.  I had a similar issue a few nights ago.  See this thread for the write-up of how I found the offending component.


Since your line isn't going down like mine was, you're going to have to use a different method to determine if the interference is gone.  I would recommend you quit and re-launch U-Verse Realtime each time and look at the bitloading graph in the 6.0 MHz range and see if the interference is gone or present.  This will steer you to your next action of turning things on or off.


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Re: Intermittent Disconnects

I appreciate the help, and will start unplugging things to see what the culprit is. I don't know a whole lot about RF though. I live in an apartment complex, is it possible that the interference could be coming from a neighbors' apartment? If so, I think I'm pretty much screwed.

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Re: Intermittent Disconnects

It's possible it could be coming from another apartment, but maybe not.  In my case, the bad power brick that was radiating was about 12 feet from the RG, with 2 walls in between.


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Re: Intermittent Disconnects

Just an updated Error Table. I seem to have gotten a lot of loss of signal errors and training timeouts last night.

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