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Installation to and in the house


Installation to and in the house

I asked the installer to tell me everything he needed to do before starting, because I had a funny feeling about it. Well I was right! and did not get Uverse installed. My house is an older townhouse with no telephone connections on the outside of the house (they come underground from about 100 feet. The VRAD is about 50 feet from my house.

They told me they had to find which phone wall plate was the one with the line coming into the house, and after that they had to run wires (I don't have an attic) from there thru 2 rooms, to the main TV? perforating walls and having unsightly wires above the baseboard. Since I am not convinced that Uverse is for me and I did not want all that mess happening I told them not to do anything.

I had called in advance and spoke to Technical Support (I guess not for installation) and they assured me that they were going to use just the Coax cable that I already had coming into the house. I found that strange, since I did not understand how a new system, UVERSE, was going to be accessing the Coax (from where? The VRAD box?.

Anyway, I am disappointed since I really wanted to fire my Dish company. Oh well!

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Re: Installation to and in the house

They'd use the coax from your Dish installation[like they did from my Comcast cable I had previously].

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Re: Installation to and in the house

   Listen everybody u r nothing going to believe what happen to me when that tried to install my uvers the first day the didn't show up, the man set across the street I saw him, i went up stairs for about 5 mins he came put a note on my door and left didn't even knock. The next day the man came said he needed to go over to neighbors house to check something he came back and said no one was house he couldn't gain access, I contact the neighbor he was home the name did come in his yard, I called AT they said sorry, we can make another visit 4 days later I was going dump direct but I think I'll keep them, this terrible customer service, I top of that the man lied about not getting in to my neighbors yard.

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