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Inid or Switching Back to Directv


Inid or Switching Back to Directv

Had U-verse installed in Jan 2010.  I had the two HD profile and everything was great.  Loved it way better than Directv.  I bragged to all my friends about the service - and I was the one who set up their Directvs years before....  In May, all of a sudden my service goes out.  After several visits, they tell me I need to move to the 1HD profile.  I can't understand how it worked perfectly for 5 months, than 1 day I can't get 2HD service.  I talked to the tech about getting Inid and no luck.  Now my service is out again and I'm fed up with it.  When it goes out, I lose everything, phone, internet, tv. Not to mention, I know it's an outside problem and the service rep shows it as an outside problem, but they still schedule to send a inside tech with a 5 hour window just to say it is an outside problem and then they'll have to create a ticket for an outside tech to come!!!!


Does service deteriorate as more people get the service in my neighborhood???  I don't get it.....

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Re: Inid or Switching Back to Directv

When VDSL2 downloaded, it lowered your max sync enough you lost the 2d HD, you're not the only one it happened to unluckily.  Users like you are gonna get relief by pair bonding if they can ever get it to work right.  They found a flaw in current iNid and has to be re-designed. :smileywink:



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Re: Inid or Switching Back to Directv

Download U-Verse Realtime from, install it, run it and post screenshots of the IP/Profile, Bitloading, and Coax/HPNA tabs. This should give us some information on your line and its capabilities, and if there are any problems that need to be looked at.

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Re: Inid or Switching Back to Directv

I have experienced the EXACT same situation.  I've now learned that tier two technical support knows nothing.  They are reading off of a script and do not expect the field technicans to listen to their diagnosis.  I keep having the technical support tier 2 people tell me I need to have my service removed to another pair.  The technicans who show up laugh and say they never do this and can't do this.  This has happened now on at least 2 separate situations separated by a few months.


But like you, I was told this is an outside problem.  Yet they send a guy who can't do anything outside.  4 hours later, a line tech (thankfully) shows up.  He tells me that I could get 2HD/2SD with no problems if I got inid/double pairing.  I'm not quite sure how to go about requesting this in a manner that will be successful.  Further says that there's no need to talk to tier 2 because they won't know what I'm talking about if I mention inid/double pairing.  Suggested that I call his supervisor and hope that he'll push it through.

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Re: Inid or Switching Back to Directv

Let us know what happens.

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Re: Inid or Switching Back to Directv

Threaten to cancel and they seem to become more helpful. They do have a bug in the iNid and every area does not support pair bonding at this time. Good luck and hope you get upgraded back to your pervious level or even better. 

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