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If you have problems with the remote not working all the time, READ THIS!!


If you have problems with the remote not working all the time, READ THIS!!

There is nothing wrong with you DVR box or the remote!


As it turns out, some TV put out a lot of IR interference, and the DVRs are senstive enough to pick it up.  Here is how to fix it, and I know sounds strange, but trust me.


I used about 20 layers of Glad Press n Seal wrap, stack them out and cut a rectangular piece about 3/4 of an inch tall by about 1 1/4 inch wide, stick it to the front of the DVR just starting about halfway over the work record and going to the right (just cover of the IR window on the DVR box)  I've heard that a couple layers of plain old masking tape will work too.  Anyway, its enough to filter out interference and still let the remote signals through... Seriously that is what fixed it for me, works like a charm now.  I guess you may have to experiment with the layers (how many) depending on the TV and how much interference it puts out.  But this should solve your problem.


Hope this helps some people, it was a pretty frustrating problem


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Re: If you have problems with the remote not working all the time, READ THIS!!

I'm about 99% sure that the RF capability of the A10 remote is only for the find remote feature.  The A10 remote still uses IR to talk to the DVR, so it won't help any with this problem.  Not that it matters, because the A10 remote has been "out of stock" since my last post.  I had the same problem with the extender units (non-DVR) when they were moved to the room with the Phillips LCD.  On the bright side, my tv was deemed unrepairable and replaced with a newer model.  Yes the remote only works about 50% of the time with the new one.  I've tried shutting off different features on the tv without success.  This tv doesn't have the option of shutting off Dynamic Contrast.  On a side note, I bought a Samsung 52" LCD for another room, and have absolutely no problems with it.
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Re: If you have problems with the remote not working all the time, READ THIS!!

I was having real problems with my remotes -- AT&T's remote AND 2 other universal remotes.  I had to be within 12 inches of the DVR to get it to work.  Ridiculous!   I called AT&T and of course their only suggestion: reboot the DVR!  (That's their standard reply to all hardware problems, which almost never solves the problem.)  And if that doesn't work, replace the DVR and lose all the recordings you have on the DVR!!


That is where I was stuck until I read these postings.  I then adjusted the settings on my Samsung LCD TV, turning off the energy savings and dynamic contrast settings (which were causing infrared interference).  Since then, 5 days ago, the remote has been working fantastically.


It appears, judging from the many postings about this, that this is a very common problem.  Thus, why is it that the tech guys at AT&T haven't learned of the solution to this problem??  It would:


     1) be very helpful to their customers;

     2) keep them from losing customers (which, judging from these posting, they have lost quite a lot of);

     3) damaging their brand name (all of these disgruntled customers spreading the news of the awful service they received at AT&T); and

     4) save AT&T millions of dollars from sending their technicians out on fruitless service calls to replace all of those otherwise perfectly good DVRs.


Thank you very much to all of you who have posted the solution to my problem.

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Re: If you have problems with the remote not working all the time, READ THIS!!

I forgot I ever had this problem, since I have had zero issues since I made the tv adjustments last year.  Btw, the new Philips tv did have a dynamic contrast although it was called something else if I remember right.  When I turned off the dynamic contrast on the Philips tv, my Uverse remote now works perfectly in that room too.  Now if only I can get more HD streams from Uverse or get my kids to quit interupting my recordings!!

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Re: If you have problems with the remote not working all the time, READ THIS!!

I have a very similar problem:  When Philips 42" LCD TV is on, the Onkyo receiver/amplifier AND the Motorola digital TV box remotes work very badly.


I used basically the same solution as suggested here, except instead of multiple layers of transparent glad wrap, I tried a single layer of white electrical tape. Worked like a charm. And a bit easier to apply.


I registered here only because I'm thankful for that the original poster took the time to write this. I've been thinking about this problem for a year, suspected the receiver mostly, until I realized the TV box also had interference.This is the only place on the web where I found this remedy.


PS I live in Europe, and even though electrical tape is usually black, I had no problem finding white.

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