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I can share printers but not files??????


I can share printers but not files??????

I had uverse installed at my home, I had a network with file & printer sharing set up before uverse. After uverse I still have the network, I can still print from all pc's but my laptop cannot find my  2 other pc's..


Heres my setup:


Computer 1 - desktop with printer hardwired to pc & uverse router hardwired/ windows vista operating system/ trend micro virus protection


Computer 2 - desktop / windows xp home operating system/ wireless connection to router & network through linksys usb adapter. Norton 360


Computer 3 - Laptop / windows XP pro operating system/ connects to router via wifi network card/  nortons360


All computers can print & connect to internet.with excellect signal.  computer 1 & 2 communicate & share files with no problem.

Computer 3 (laptop) can print, but cannot see any other PC's on network. Computers 1 & 2 can see computer 3 (laptop) in the network but cannot access it..


How do I enable PC 3 to access other PC's & vise versa??


I tried turning off the firewalls on both the nortons & the windows & that did not work either.  when going to my network on PC 3 (laptop) the only thing showing is its own shared files, no other pc's even show in the network. I checked & file sharing is enabled. We are all listed to be on the same workgroup. Nortons is also checked to accept file sharing.

I think I have narrowed it down to the fact that i think it may have something to do with a network setting in PC 3 or a setting in windows xp pro. That is the only differences I can see, being that pc 2 & 3 both use the same version of nortons I don't think the problem is with nortons..


I went into the router settings & the uverse router even shows the network & shows all 3 pc's on the network, but cannot access pc3 (laptops) files from there either.



i really don't understand how I can print but not share files with the laptop????????????

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Re: I can share printers but not files??????

Out of curiosity is the name of the workgroup the same on all your computers if not try that. If you make any name change a reboot on that pc or any

with a name change will have to happen in order for it to stick. 

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Re: I can share printers but not files??????

Yes, all pc's have the same workgroup name.I even tried renaming the pc that is giving me problems, restarted it, still no results..

Any other ideas??

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Re: I can share printers but not files??????

Perhaps this KB article will help:

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Re: I can share printers but not files??????

Thanks for the link to the article, although that did not work either. I tried disabling all firewalls & i even tried adding a port for file sharing as suggested by article Q308127 in microsoft help. Neither worked. I even tried starting from scatch, I disconnected the problem laptop from the network, retyped the network key in, connected back to the internet, then ran the network setup wizard, that did not work either..

My best guess is still that it has to be some sort of network settings with the xp pro, but I sure as heck can't figure it out.

I will more than likely end up calling the tech suppport this weekend when I have more time to work with that pc.

If anyone else has any more ideas please let me know..

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Re: I can share printers but not files??????

I went to "my computer" on the desktop and selected share folder from the list on the left side of the folder window.  After that I didn't have any file sharing issues.
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Re: I can share printers but not files??????

At this point I think I would plug the laptop into the RG directly to rule out any issues related to the wifi.
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Re: I can share printers but not files??????

I will recheck the shared setting tonight, & I will also try to plug the laptop directly into the RG via ethernet cable...


I am assuming that when I plug the laptop into the RG via ethernet it should connect to the network & the interent automatically, is this correct???

If it does work that way then I am to also assume it is something screwy with the wifi, & then would you suggest I call tech support or what is the next step in your opiniion???


something else I noticed that I was unsure of was that now when I put my mouse arrow over the network icons I get different connection names:

on pc 1 it says connection 4, pc2 says connection 3 & the pc3 (laptop)  shows connected but only shows the 2wire*** network connection #.

Is this normal for them to all three be diffferently named????


heres another question... Before uverse I had comcast, which means my set up included a linksys router separate from my internet modem,, as u know I don't have the separate router now, its all in one with the uverse,

should the home network setup the same way as it was before ??  

 I was assuming yes it was the same because I didn't have to change anything on PC 1 or PC 2 (the desktops) it was basically plug & play.. 


sorry i keep thinking about this & its really confusing my brain so if I am asking obvious questions I am sorry, I am not familiar with any other network setup except the linksys that I had configured myself.. don't know alot about the RG setup..



Are my assumptions correct??  






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Re: I can share printers but not files??????

Yup, your laptop should automatically connect as it was before, though it will be assigned a new IP by the gateway. If you are then able to get file sharing to work, then there was an issue with the laptop's wireless connection. You are running XP SP2, right? I don't think U-verse wireless works with SP1, though I could be wrong.


All past successful connections in XP and Vista are called Connection1,..., etc, unless renamed, each having their own properties. Some are probably still there from your Comcast cable modem. The 2WIRExxx is the default SSID of your wireless connection (you can rename that too).


You could have (and still can) placed your Linksys router behind the 2Wire and preserved your LAN configuration from before. Many users have done that, and it's recommended if you have lots of stuff on your network. If you get frustrated and want to go that route, give a shout and the folks here will guide you.

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Re: I can share printers but not files??????

OMG, I think I got it!!! I hooked up the laptop to the RG via ethernet & still had internet, of course, but at 1st I was still unable to see the other PC's on the network from the laptop, still the other PC's could see the laptop but not connect. I then disable nortons firewall (which I had already tried when it was wireless & disable windows firewall) After a few mins. the other PC's miraculously appeared in the network. I was able to connect & communicate. I unpluged the ethernet & the wireless took over automatically as designed.

I then went back to Nortons turned on the firewall again (just as a test) & what do u know, the other PC's disappeared, I once again disconnected the nortons firewall & they reappeared.

 I then went into windows turn that firewall back on (as another test) this time everything stayed connected.

So what I have learned: 

 I had to connect to the network manually via ethernet, turn off all 3rd party firewalls, get a solid network connection to file share & then you can try turning back on the windows firewall.

Just as a test I restarted the laptop several times & all still works.. So in conclusion the culprit was a combination of having to reach a connection hardwired first before going wireless & nortons firewall.


the funny thing is, is that teh same versiion of nortons is on my sons desktop (pc 2), it connects wirelessly just like the problem laptop did, & I never had a problem with pc2, only the laptop. But anyhow its fixed now.. KUDO's for everyone!!!!!!


******i am sure that is ok. but my last question: IS my laptop really safe not having the nortons firewall connected??? ( I am to assume yes, because the initial hardwired pc (PC1) has firewall through windows & trend micro, plus the laptop also still has the windows firewall) the only time I should probably be cautious is if I use the laptop on an outside network other than my home, then nortons should be turned back on)

   Is this theory correct?????                 sorry for being so long winded, but detais are my thing.. LOL!!



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Re: I can share printers but not files??????

Glad you got it working. It's always a good idea to fisrst connect new network devices in wired mode before going wireless.


It's redundant to run 3rd party firewalls on top of Windows firewall, which provides only basic protection anyway; I don't use Norton, but most tell you to disable Windows firewall when using. Have you tried it that way? I'd recommend sticking with Norton, especially when on a public wifi.  

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Re: I can share printers but not files??????

yes, i tried using the norton firewall without the windows firewall & my other PC's disappeared everytime. So I kept windows on & nortons off.

If I go outside my network, like in a public wifi, I will have to remember turn nortons back on just to be on the safe side.I guess maybe nortons is just screwy with the new RG 2wire, because as I said before the firewall NEVER interfered with the linksys setup & it was also a secured password WPA/WEP network. Anyway, I am jsut happy it works....... Thanks again everyone.  

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Re: I can share printers but not files??????

It would become a hassle to try to remember to switch firewalls between Norton and ICF every time you wanted to do file sharing. I'm willing to bet that there's a Norton configuration parameter that you haven't yet found. Maybe look under the Advanced tab for sharing permissions or some such. Or go to a Norton users forum (if there is one) to find a solution. If I had purchased Norton, I wouldn't settle for this, but that's me.  
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Re: I can share printers but not files??????

thanks for tip, I will continue to look more into the nortons settings, maybe there is some way around to expand the paremeter..




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Re: I can share printers but not files??????











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