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How to reboot DVR without erasing all recordings?


How to reboot DVR without erasing all recordings?

It's been months since our DVR has been rebooted and we have a lot recorded shows.  A while ago we had trouble and whenever the system rebooted (soft or hard) everything was erased.  Is there any way to save our recorded shows?  We're getting a lot of freezing, stuttering and out of sync audio recently and from what I've read, we need to reset everything.  Thanks.

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Re: How to reboot DVR without erasing all recordings?

It sounds like there is a deeper problem going on, your DVR may need to be replaced


The only thing that should delete your recordings is a Disaster Recovery (a form of a soft reboot and self repair, that deletes recordings in the process), a simple hard reboot (disconnection from power) shouldn't be deleting recordings


Are you sure it is deleting your recordings?  After a hard reboot, it takes a while for the DVR list to repopulate (it's not instant), give it about 5 minutes for it to repopulate, if it doesn't repopulate, then there may be a problem with the DVR and it may need to be replaced

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Re: How to reboot DVR without erasing all recordings?

Could be your harddrive is failing.

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Re: How to reboot DVR without erasing all recordings?

A simple reboot of the DVR (or RG) should not erase your recordings.


I will say that if you reboot and live TV comes back up, your list of recorded programs will be empty, while it repopulates.  After 2-5 minutes, all should be good.  


I will say that some friends of ours who "early adopted" in the Spring of 2008, did lose all of their shows every time the power went out, which could be like a reboot if the DVR was on.  They do not have that happen, any longer.  I'm not sure what was replaced (DVR, RG, something outside or ???).

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