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How do I open a port so I can use uTORRENT?


How do I open a port so I can use uTORRENT?

I'm trying to open port 23854

In utorrent, I get the message when checking if the port is open "
Checking port 48686 on

Error! Port 48686 does not appear to be open.


I went into the RG. Made an app called utorrent, and manually put in the UDP and TCP ports.

BoDEAN-PC uTORRENT FTP (file transfer protocol) server UDP 23854       TCP 23854

This is what it shows.  But when I try to check in utorrent if the port is open, no go. Any suggestions?

I'm using a static ip on my home network. My computers ip is


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Re: How do I open a port so I can use uTORRENT?

I don't recall having to put anything in for UDP or TCP, just a radio button for either one.

Also try the exception name of "utor1" instead of "utorrent". There is also an option in uTorrent to add an exception to windows firewall and it is automatically named "utor1".

The to and from port number is obviously 23854.

You must also restart uTorrent for these settings to take place.


If you haven't looked already there can be more information found at


I just realized that you are trying to check a different port than the one you made an exception for.
You are trying to open port 23854 but it's checking port 48686. Make sure sure that uTorrent is not set up to randomize the port every time it's started.
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