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Hooking up 2 DVR's at the same time


Hooking up 2 DVR's at the same time

This is a dumb question, but my new DVR arrived UPS last night and I want to record the few shows (Primetime and Hoarders) I have left to watch from the old DVR to DVD (which I know how to do, no problem). My question (which Tech Service couldn't answer) is, if I hook the new DVR up in a different room and let it start setting up (it said about 15 minutes) will the old box still function until I'm done recording all of the shows? I'm trying to save time since I have to work and the recording is in real time.

Any ideas?

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Re: Hooking up 2 DVR's at the same time

You can only have on dvr provisioned to your home at a time.  If you set up the new one then the old one will be unprovisioned and you will not be able to watch your recordings.

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