I noticed OP made a post about it in the Announcements section, has anyone tried it yet?


I did and I don't think it's special. Windows can do all that stuff natively.  The only thing is the HomeView map is better than Vista's map, but I don't think that would need to be a reason fora whole sepearte program.

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After reading a review in PC Magazine, I have used SpiceWorks to inventory and manage my network.  The software is browser based (runs in ie 6 or 7 or Firefox 1.5 - 2.0) and the plug-in only supports Windows (including Vista-64).  You can access Linux PCs, but the software requires a Win box to run on.  The software only installs on one machine and will scan your net for all devices (switches, routers, printers, pcs, etc.).


It has a Help Desk application that is over kill for home owners.  I don't use that application.


Monitoring can be used to check which pcs have updated hotfixes and security updates, check for low disk space, etc.


It is free because is it ad based but you can pay for an ad free version.

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What I like about homeview is the wireless connection tool. Is this present in spiceworks?
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Not to start any conspiracy theories or cause any undue paranoia, but it would seem far to convenient (considering AT&T's more than cooperative relations with the NSA) to have an AT&T program that exposes all your network devices for status and/or viewing behind an AT&T controlled router/gateway.

NSA backdoor maybe? Just food for thought.


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Whats that strange clicking on my phone line. :smileywink:


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