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High latency during peak times


High latency during peak times

I currently subscribe to AT&T Uverse (18 mbps) plan in northern California. On April 19th and every following day, ping/latency to various servers has increased dramatically. Normally, I would receive a ping of ~60 to my game servers -- which are located in the western United States. However, during the peak times of 2 PM to 1 AM these following days, the ping has spiked up to around 250, rendering any competitive play of a semi-adequate level impossible. I have discussed this problem with some acquaintances of mine in very close proximity to myself (~2 miles); DSL service is fine at all times, but other subscribers of Uverse are experiencing similar problems. I have already attempted to resolve this issue with every possible solution: Reset IP, Reset Broadband, and Reboot System; none of these have worked thus far. Also, my computer is connected to the internet via Ethernet, so it is not a wireless issue.


I have run a trace route test to
Tracing route to []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

  1    <1 ms    <1 ms    <1 ms
  2   500 ms   602 ms   598 ms [75.
  3     *        *        *     Request timed out.
  4     *        *        *     Request timed out.
  5   121 ms   121 ms   121 ms
  6   122 ms   122 ms   122 ms []

  7   124 ms   124 ms   124 ms
t []
  8     *        *        *     Request timed out.
  9     *        *        *     Request timed out.


The second hop to particularly concerns me... all network traffic to and from my computer is routed through that node.


If an AT&T representative could report any recent problems in the Bay Area during this week with other Uverse users' internet service and provide a solution, that would be wonderful.

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Re: High latency during peak times

I've noticed significant problems the last few days as well, Silicon Valley area for me.  Trying to work at night over my VPN is pretty much impossible, speed tests are putting me around 200Kb/s speed, a far cry from my 12Mbps package speed, latency around 250.  Haven't had any internet issues like this until the last couple days, but its getting annoying. 


Found your post looking to see if anything is going on, looks like I'm not alone.

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Re: High latency during peak times

Xbox live servers are basically non-responsive due to latency issues, starting April 19 from San Jose. 

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Re: High latency during peak times

I am having the same issue as well, silicon valley area.  It started happening around 3 days ago.  Up until that point, I was getting around 11.2mbps on average from multiple speed tests.  Lately, regardless of peak times or not, it has been around 0.5 mbps.  Obviously this hinders both gaming and any other form of internet, as well as the bandwidth used for tv. 


I consider myself fairly knowledgeable  in this field, and have attempted every possible method of resetting, port sniffing, rebooting, unplugging, etc.  There is an issue in between the vrad and the next two hops on the network in a tracert to my gaming servers.


Any news on this?

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Re: High latency during peak times

I live in San Mateo and I'm having the same problem which started the same time as the original poster.


I have the 24mbit package.  If I run to the San Francisco server I get less then 1mbit download.  Upload seems ok.  If I run it to other servers like Los Angeles I get full speed.


There is something up with the routing in the Bay Area.


Uverse Realtime shows no errors, and bitloading looks fine.  This isn't an issue with my hardware, it's something to do with the ATT network.

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Re: High latency during peak times

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Re: High latency during peak times

I live in Mountain View and have exaclty the same issue. Yesterday I spent 2 hours chatting with ATT customer services (it's like talking to wall) and got tech guy to come on Sunday evening. But looks like it won't help untill they resolve routing issues...

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Re: High latency during peak times

Seems like this problem has been fixed (at least in Mountain View); pings are back to their pre-April 19th status.

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Re: High latency during peak times

I have 12mbps U-Verse HSI service in San Jose and I am still having slow download speeds during peak (evening) hours. In the past, I have consistently seen 10-11mbps download speeds. Also, the various speed tests show much more different results than I have seen in the past. For example the ATT test ( shows 5.43mbps, but the DSL Reports test ( only shows 1.22mbps. Streaming to my Roku player is bad and is more consistent with the lower number. A chat with tech support didn't help. They prescribed resetting the gateway and monitoring for a couple of days, even though I told them (and they could see) that I had just recently reset the gateway.

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Re: High latency during peak times

i am on the same boat in oakland ca, 12mbps package getting spikes throughout the day down to 1.20mpbs!!! tech support couldnt fiqure out what is going on!! This blows!

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