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High-Speed Internet Only


High-Speed Internet Only

How can I order high-speed internet only (the 1.5 meg)?  I'm not presently using ATT for my phone service.
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Re: High-Speed Internet Only

Sometimes they will let you do that. But other times, they will want you to order both TV and Internet, then drop the TV part. It is possible though.


Are you too far away for AT&T's DSL? Or do you want the higher upload speed with U-verse?

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Re: High-Speed Internet Only



Hopefully you have been able to order before now, but if they don't let you order just the Internet, take the video and internet with only one stb. Right at 30 days you can cancel and not be charged for the TV. I believe you still have a one month trial period that you arent charged for. If you dont want the tv when the tech installs just have him/her put the stb right on the RG(router) and when they leave you can unplug it and set it aside until you drop the tv portion. ATT will send you a box for that stb to send back to them.

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Re: High-Speed Internet Only

You can order a dry-loop DSL line if that is all that you want. The speed you would get is 1.5Mbs/384kbs. FYI: This is not Uverse DSL so the speeds are a little different (Uverse is 1.5Mbs/1Mbs.)

If you are in a DSL green zone but want Uverse DSL then you can only order the 10Mbs/1.5Mbs line.

If you are not in a DSL green zone then you should be able to order any of the Uverse DSL speed tiers.


All of this is under the assumption that you live in a Uverse green area.

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Re: High-Speed Internet Only

What's the DSL green zone ?

Is that an area that you can get 6008/768kbps on ADSL ?

AT&T shows that I can only get 1500/384kbps on ADSL (used 3008/512kbps for years).  Some hoop jumping allowed for 10Mbps/1.5Mbps, but required that I keep that package (and price) for at least 3 months.

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Re: High-Speed Internet Only

Green zone just refers to an area that the service is available. If you want to the 10Mbs line then you have to go to Uverse anyways.
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Re: High-Speed Internet Only

Why am I not surprised  ... I'd take a 3 or 6Mbps plan as I don't need 10Mbps (too pricey, don't need it).  Always trying to find a way to pry out a bare minimum from you.
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Re: High-Speed Internet Only

If 1.5Mbs is the fastest regular DSL available then they *should* be able to upgrade you to Uverse Pro (3Mbs/1Mbs), Elite (6Mbs/1Mbs) or Max. They told you that you could only get Max? What state are you in?
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