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Help needed: Watching DVR from others TV's

Help needed: Watching DVR from others TV's

I have the Uverse DVR connected to my downstairs HDTV. I record my desired programs, sometimes HD sometimes not.  I can later watch the recorded program on the same TV but, I cannot watch recorded programs from my other two TV's upstairs. I don't think this is normal because AT&T is advertising the ability to record on one TV and playback on any other TV.  What is the recommneded settings to watch recorded programs on my upstairs receivers? I tried calling AT&T but I aged two full days while placed on hold.
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Re: Help needed: Watching DVR from others TV's

philr_up wrote:
My initial install used the "red"splitter.

RG / 2Wire is Cat5 from the NID
Coax from RG to 2 STBs & DVR
Coax is RG59 but installer had put all new compression connectors on the cable and said all tested out fine.
I have 25meg profile with good stats (low corrected blocks and almost no uncorrected blocks) on the incoming VDSL so live TV is always good.

I have been experiencing occasional stuttering on the 2 STBs when watching recorded content from the DVR. HPNA Stats from DVR to STBs would always show Phy Rate MBS of 96 sometimes dropping to 80. Friend of a friend is a Uverse installer and got me the new HPNA / Blue cap version splitter. Replaced the splitter and the Phy Rate MBS on all connections is now a solid 112 with no stutter. It's only been a few days with the new splitter but it seems to have solved my issues.

If it drops below the 96 you will probably have problems. The 112 figure is what you want to see. If you are not having problems they may charge to come out just to change the splitter. You may or may not get one from a Uverse guy and do it your self if you ask nicely and he has a good stock of extras.

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Re: Help needed: Watching DVR from others TV's

How did randy even find out to ask for these? :smileywink:


Tech I asked the other night had no clue what I was talking about. :smileysad:

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