Help, freezing picture

Help, freezing picture

I've been having issue with my AT&T uverse since I got it in March. But lately, it's being more of a pain. I have to disaster recovery reset it at least once a day (and yes I lose all of my recordings). Currently, the picture freezes every couple of minutes, and then after several minutes the box resets itself.. the t.v. comes back on for a few minute and the cycle starts over again. I just don't know what to do with this thing! Any suggestions!?

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Re: Help, freezing picture

There are several things you can do. 

1.  Call ts using the phone number in my sig and ask the csr to run a test on your service for errors.  He/she should schedule a visit to your home by a prem tech.

1a.  If you install is all coax there could be a bad splitter in your service which the prem tech would replace.


2.  Your service could be upgraded to a higher profile than it should be and that is causing the problems.  Again a prem tech would be able to tell you that once they come to your home.


3.  Go to this site and download the Realtime app and install it.  Post screen shots of each window so that we can see your stats.  Here is the link.

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Re: Help, freezing picture


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Re: Help, freezing picture



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Re: Help, freezing picture

Definite bridge tap on that line.  The exponential drop-off indicates that the bridge tap is closer to the VRAD than to your house, so it's really far up the line.  At only 800 feet from the VRAD, you should have a 50+ Mbps max rate, yours is only 39 Mbps.


Call tech support, have them send a premises tech to your house, have him check the line.  He should call I&R (linesmen group) to come find the bridge tap and remove it.


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Re: Help, freezing picture

I live in an apartment complex (I don't know if that makes a difference).


Thanks for your advice, I will call ts and keep you posted on the progress of the situation.

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Re: Help, freezing picture

I'm surprised they installed the VRAD and didn't clean up the lines.

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