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Help - Home wireless and my iphone 3Gs

Help - Home wireless and my iphone 3Gs

I have spoken with Apple, AT&T business (my iPhone and all related costs are provided by my job) and at least four different tech support departments within AT&T consumer.  Changed from Comcast to ATT high speed internet with in home wireless network about 8 weeks ago.  My iPhone receives emails via wi-fi but will not send.  I must turn off wi-fi, reboot my phone, and when in 3G only the messages go out just fine.  I have no problem sending and receiving emails from any other wi-fi connection - just the new one at home.  The last tech support person a short while ago said I need a service tech to come at at a cost of $119.00 but I'd go back to Comcast before spending that kind of money.  So I turn to you, the community.  Any help on this out there?

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Re: Help - Home wireless and my iphone 3Gs

That's part of what's been puzzling and why I'm still not sure the port is the problem.  I have never had a problem with email (either direction) from any other wireless spot - only home.

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