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Help!! Can't validate IP!


Help!! Can't validate IP!

I'm praying someone can help me so I don't have to call technical support again for hours!  All of a sudden my computers can validate the IP address when connecting to our network.  The network is clearly there and our signal is good/excellent but when it tries to connect it gets hung up on the IP address.  We have both a desktop and a laptop connected wirelessly and neither are working. We have Windows Vista on the desktop and XP on the laptop.  Our desktop is connected via a 2Wire USB wireless adapter.  Any ideas out there?
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Re: Help!! Can't validate IP!

reboot all devices   the rg3800 gateway and each puter after the rg



worth a shot

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Re: Help!! Can't validate IP!

Double check that you made all the correct choices in configuring your wireless client security settings... like the WPA settings and passkey.  If you changed and put in a unique passkey, make sure it is still in both the RG and your PCs.


If your PC's fail to sync up with the right wireless security settings, they will not get issued an IP address by the RG.

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Re: Help!! Can't validate IP!

This worked for at least one of my computers, I'm in the process of checking the other.  I can't believe I didn't think of that myself, thanks!
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