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Help! - 1mb download speeds on 18mb package


Help! - 1mb download speeds on 18mb package

I have no idea what the problem is.  When Uverse was first installed, I had the 12mb package, and my speeds would typically be in the 6-12mb range according to various speedtests.  Since upgrading to the 18mb package, a 4mb download is a good day, and I typically get .5-2 mb download speeds.


Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!


Note:  This is while no other computers are running, nothing is running the background, and all U-Verse TV recievers are turned off. My computer is connected direclty via eithernet to the residential gateway.





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Re: Help! - 1mb download speeds on 18mb package

The pictures aren't online yet.  But clearly something is wrong.  Have you tried going to the admin page of the RG (usu. and see what the RG reports its link speed is?


You will need to describe a bit more about how you have your stuff set up - like wired or wireless, any switches involved besides the AT&T provided RG, etc.

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Re: Help! - 1mb download speeds on 18mb package

When it was installed did the tech try his Tough Book to see if you were getting the package you paid for.

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Re: Help! - 1mb download speeds on 18mb package

Pictures are up now.  Ethernet going straight into the RG, nothing else odd on my end of things. Doesn't matter if I wifi or ethernet straight in.

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Re: Help! - 1mb download speeds on 18mb package

It has been reported by users and techs that something is wrong w/18M internet.  Speeds are all over the board and it acts flaky as opposed to all the other speeds that are rock solid.  :smileywink:



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