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Gray remote aux volume control


Gray remote aux volume control

We have two remotes, one gray and one black. The equipment we are using is the uverse receiver, our TV, and a Phillips surround sound/DVD system. We have had uverse for less than a month. The TV works fine on the black remote, setup by the AT&T technician, but he did not setup the home theater because it was not available. We cannot get the black remote to connect in any way with the Phillips, as the instructions in the pamphlet are for the gray remote. I recently found some black remote info, but none of the codes worked with the Phillips from the black remote. I consider the black remote a lost cause, but it would be ideal if that worked as it's already setup for this receiver/TV. The gray remote is setup on the actual home theater system in the house, with no tv (projector not setup). I took the gray remote to see about getting Phillips working, and I was able to get one of the (HTIB audio) codes to turn off the Phillips. We only care about volume, we are not interested in the DVD component on the Phillips, but the DVD code(s) did not seem to work either. The problem with the gray remote is that (after using the AT&T + OK followed by 955 set to AUX) the volume key no longer works at all. The mode AUX button does not light up, and the volume does not change. I presume that the lack of this light indicator means a specific problem has occurred, not sure what that might be. Thanks for any assistance you can provide.
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Re: Gray remote aux volume control

They have added an App on your TV for easily programming the remotes.


Try this and see if it works:

Menu > Help > System Setup

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ACE - Expert

Re: Gray remote aux volume control

There are so many things going on at the same time it is difficult for you to figure out even though you are right on top of it. It is doubly more difficult for someone to figure it out from afar.


I suggest you take it a step a t a time. Maybe start with the gray remote & after that is ok go back to the black remote. I am tempted to suggest resetting to factory defaults, but you may not know the codes for your devices.


Try operating the individual devices (by pushing the selection button) to see what is working. If something does not work you may need a different code. Do you have the link for the codes? -


Try to make a chart (on paper) of how you are set up so you can keep your sanity.


I believe the 955 code is saying that you have to push a device code to make it control the volume. So, when you are in the att mode (to change channels) you will control the volume of the STB. 


You say you went through the 955 procedure starting with the att key and the OK key. Note that the last step is to press the ENTER key at the bottom right. NOT the OK key.


The more complex your setup, the more difficult your remote programming effort. Try to start as simple as possible and go one step at a time. You may have to repeat a step - that is why it is important to track where you are at any given time. Don't rush.


God Luck! 

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Re: Gray remote aux volume control

Hello  spd2demun:


Thanks for the reply, but I've seen this suggestion a couple other times and it seems to not be accurate.  At least on all of my AT&T receivers, this menu help option does not exist.  Please remember we've had the service for less than a month.  Under Menu->Help, there is only "Help Videos" & "Legal and Privacy Information".  Maybe older boxes had this option, but I've searched through the entire Menu and have never found a "System Setup" option.  Under Menu->Options, there is "System Options", but that is only system info, aspect ratio, and guide style.

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Re: Gray remote aux volume control

Hello  aviewer:


Thanks for the reply.  We are not trying to make this difficult, we just want to be able to control the volume on the Phillips home theater.  We had 3 AT&T boxes installed, so we were given 2 gray remotes and 1 black remote.  The black remote was installed on the main TV, which is where we want to use the Phillips.  I only switched from the black remote to the gray because none of the instructions left by the technician worked with the black.  For instance, I found that on the black remote, you push the mode (TV, AUX, etc) plus ENTER to start programming, instead of the more common mode button plus OK.  The process for searching for codes is also different.  I found a posting about another Phillips home theater system and used those codes, where someon claims to have both black and gray codes, but only the gray codes have worked for me.  This is of course further complicated because there are audo versus dvd codes, blugh!  So, as for the link you posted, I do have a copy of that I downloaded, but it's not clear to me if that is for the gray and black remotes, which do have different codes I've found.  I feel that AT&T has made this very complicated.


Anyhow, we just want to be able to control the volume on our home theater and are willing to use whatever remote works and is easiest, which just seems to be the gray remote.  As far as knowing codes, I can program the remote to our TV very easily, that is no trouble.  I know that the procedure we used for 955 is correct because I was able to switch from TV to AT&T and AUX, DVD.  The TV & AT&T always work, meaning that after the 955 process is complete, the volume buttons for either TV or AT&T receiver work.  However, when changing the volume via 955 process  to DVD or AUX, the volume buttons do nothing.  I've tried several codes for the Phillips, I've only ever found one that can power off the Phillips, but the volume keys never do anything.  Just to be sure, I will double check I'm pressing ENTER at the end, but I do recall the right count of flashing lights on the AUX mode button indicating the process completed successfully.  Never hurts to double check.


I presume that since we can power off the Phillips, if the issue as to why the volume keys do nothing is resolved, this can work.  I can try the reset, that does not bother me, but I feel that there is something I'm missing.  For instance, I know that the remote expects certain codes, like codes starting with 4 or something for DVD, and so forth.  So there is some kind of internal check in the programming, and I thought maybe something similar to this is causing the volume to not function correctly, like if a code is entered for AUX, even though it does power off.  I did check to ensure the DVD code is used with DVD mode and Audio code is used for AUX mode, so that would not be the problem.


Thanks again for your guys' help, I will give the reset a go on the gray remote since I am failry certain the black remote is just too complicated to get right with all the misinformation around everywhere.  If there are any other suggestions, I'd love to hear them.  I know this stuff can get fairly complex, and I was hoping to run across someone who faced the same problem.  People do seem to have trouble with the Phillips home theater systems, one day we will get a new one.

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ACE - Expert

Re: Gray remote aux volume control

I was not intending to say you were making it difficult. I was referring to all the speed-bumps in your way & we need to cover them all. I now see you are well aware of all that.


The only two simple things that I could think of originally was trying all the codes & making sure you used the enter key. From your current message it appears you covered all the bases.


I agree with you that the problem appears to be that you do not have a code for the phillips device. I can not offer any suggestions on how to get the phillips to work.


One thing you can look into -


Everyone usually wants the volume set by the last device (STB-TV-home theater). The upstream devices remain stable. You could try leaving the home theater setting at one level & varying either the TV or the STB.


Many object to spending for a better remote. I did. But, when I had a reason to spring for a Logitech Harmony 700 I was not sorry. In fact, I love it.


You can get a Harmony 300 for only $40 (list). Probably less if you shop. Check out See if the 300 supports your Phillips model. It does support u-verse. See if the 300 does what you want or you need the more expensive 700. I think you will be very pleased with either remote.


You only pay once but will use it constantly. It will not become obsolete - you can update off the web.  You update it with software - not crazy codes and button pushes and flashing lights.


*The views and opinions expressed on this forum are purely my own. Any product claim, statistic, quote, or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider, or party.
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Re: Gray remote aux volume control

edit, edit, edit, edit, edit...for formatting issues...grrrrrr!


The on-TV App for setting up the remote controls was added back in October (in my area).  If you're not seeing it, try unplugging your DVR at the back; wait about 30 seconds, plug back in and let everything reload. 
































Nice, clear screenshots from ATTs site, here.




What the screens look like on my TV (sorry for the quality, it's late and I'm tired). Smiley Wink

















































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