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Gateway Firewall Configuration Help


Gateway Firewall Configuration Help

I am going crazy trying to setup firewall to allow traffic through.



3800HGV-B Gateway Software:

Mac Min on Wireless

VMWare Ubuntu VM image

Dyndns service



I have VMware Fusion running on my mac mini.  I have Ubuntu linux server running in the VMware Fusion instance.  I had this setup working with Comcast before I switched to U-Verse.  Now I am trying to get this to work in U-Verse environment.


1. Go to the

  - Select Firewall

  - Select Firewall Settings

  - Select my Ubuntu IP addess from drop down

  - Select applications that I want throught the firewall, SSH and Web Server.

  - click done button.

  - click Firewall summary and verify device and services are listed.


2. Update Dyndns with Public IP address.

  - get public IP Address from the Broadband Summary from the Gateway.

  - Update dynnds with Public IP


3. Test Connectivity

  - SSH on U-Verse Network with private IP, 192.168....

  - HTTP on U-Verson Network with Private IP

  - SSH on U-Verse Network with Public IP (FAIL)

  - HTTP on U-Verse network with Public IP (FAIL)

  - SSH on external network with Public IP (FAIL)

  - HTTP on external network with Public IP (FAIL)

  - Noticed in the Home Network Summary the Ubuntu VM Device is show as "inactive"

  - Verified that Ubuntu VM can connect to the network and internet.  In additon, I could still connect from U-Verse netowrk via SSH.  Gateway still says it is inactive.


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Re: Gateway Firewall Configuration Help

Update.  I installed Apache Web Server on my laptop and tested the firewall configuration and it works.  Just can get it to see a VMWare image that has been bridged to the network.  The VM Has it own IP, but the gateway does not show it as active for more than 1 minute.  Technically speaking I guess my mac mini has TWO IPs on one MAC Address and I think I saw something about this not being supported via the gateway.
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Re: Gateway Firewall Configuration Help

*** Update ***


I followed these instructions, to port forward my mac mini to a NAT'ed VMWare Fusion Virtual Machine running on the Mac Mini.  I have abandoned the bridged network configuration for now since this works.

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Re: Gateway Firewall Configuration Help

The U-Verse RG does not allow multihomed machines.  Each individual IP address must also have a unique MAC address.


This is what's wrong with the VMware Fusion config -- the VM has a different IP but the same MAC address as the host, which will not work with the U-Verse RG.


Reconfigure VMware Fusion to use separate MAC addresses for the host and the guest OS and it will work properly.


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