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Frustrating.. all IPs between 99.70.80.* and 99.70.87.* are unreachable

Frustrating.. all IPs between 99.70.80.* and 99.70.87.* are unreachable

I have 5 static IPs.  They are in this block of 2048 IPs that the AT&T Network Operations Center is currently not routing correctly.  And AT&T Tier 2 support thinks this is a problem with my DSL home router....


For the last several hours, if I tracert to any of these 2048 IPs from outside of the AT&T network, the packet will start looping between the machines at IPs and  A ping to any IP from 99.70.80.* through 99.70.87.*  results in a "TTL expired in transit" at or


There is obviously a routing problem on one of these 2 machines or, .  These 2 machines  are registered to SBC.  They are somewhere in the AT&T Network Operations Center.


When I called AT&T technical support (from work) to let them know that 2 of their machines in their Network Operations Center have stopped routing to 2048 of their customer's IPs.  They elevated me to Tier 2 support, and then insisted that I would have to be at home and reboot my DSL router before they could fix their problem...


Amazingly frustrating....


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Re: Frustrating.. all IPs between 99.70.80.* and 99.70.87.* are unreachable

My 5 static IPs are within the same block and I am experiencing the same issue.  Packets routed from my office network to my home network get cought in an infinite loop between and .89.


Since I am at work, I haven't spent a lot of time dealing with this issue yet; I had planned to spend some time with tech support on the phone when I returned home tonight.


However, I did have a quick chat with the Level 1 tech support about the issue and gave them the technical details to relay to the network operations team.  Although the Level 1 tech support did not understand (or was unwilling to acknowledge that they understood) the details of the problem, I think they recognized that it wasn't a problem with my router or my computers.  It is definitely a routing issue within the AT&T network.


I just took a break to check these forums and I am relieved to see that there are other customers affected, meaning that a resolution is problem going to be expedited.


I am guessing that somehow the right people have heard about the issue because a constant ping that I had up to my home server recently (within the last 30 minutes) switched from



Reply from TTL expired in transit.






Request timed out.


I am guessing that they are working on the issue presently.


All told, though, it is frustrating that there isn't a more direct channel to at least send one-way communiques to the AT&T NOC.  I don't really care if they don't want to have a full dialog with me.  It would be nice if they accepted inbound communications from technical users and provided a blog or some outbound channel to give technically-savvy users at least some transparency into the happenings behind the scenes.


As I said in some feedback on the U-Verse tech support site: network outages happen.  I'm not going to be unreasonable and demand an error-free network.  What I'd like is some ability to send a note to the network operations team and see some acknowledgement from them that they are working on the issue.  I understand it's not always easy to fix these things.  But acting like they don't exist just angers savvy customers.


... and as I write this, the ping has come alive!  I think we're good now.


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Re: Frustrating.. all IPs between 99.70.80.* and 99.70.87.* are unreachable

It appears to have been fixed...  But I agree, someplace where we can feel like we are presenting the data to people that understand the problem would be great.  I sent a couple of email messages to the NOC email addresses that they have listed with ARIN, and they bounced...


The last time I had issues (other than improperly provisioned static IPs, believe me, that is a nightmare to get corrected), it was with a machine in their NOC that was slowly going bad...  At first about every 10 seconds or so, it would drop packets for about 1/2 second.  A real pain for UDP packets...  I reported the IP that was dropping the packets, but it took weeks, until the frequency got down to around 1/2 second out of every 3 seconds, before the problem was fixed (or I suspect before it was even looked in too...).


I'm just glad its back...   I am expecting the connection to be much better now..  Over the last few days, it has been getting worse and worse...  Several times, in the last few days, I have been through all the machines in the house to see if one of them was doing something to abuse the network...



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Re: Frustrating.. all IPs between 99.70.80.* and 99.70.87.* are unreachable

Uh oh... revenge of the routing issue?

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