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Flawless U-Verse for 3 months, sudden unreliability in last 24 hours


Flawless U-Verse for 3 months, sudden unreliability in last 24 hours

We've had U-Verse for 3 months. In those three months, it has been perfect. Never went down once, always excellent stats.



Last night, it went down for about 4 hours. What was weird is that the DSL link (broadband link) was up, according to the router, just no Internet or phone service. Service was restored early this AM and since then, things have gone to hell. Spotty internet connection, lots of errors (retrains, line issues, etc.), slow speed.


Have other experienced this where a formerly perfect connection just turns to crap suddenly?


I am wondering if the RG might have gone bad, or if AT&T screwed up something on their end. 

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Re: Flawless U-Verse for 3 months, sudden unreliability in last 24 hours

Yep, same thing happened to me here in KC.  I got home 12:30am and saw the phone light was out on my Gateway, but Service, Broadband, and everything else was lit.  I rebooted the Gateway and lost everything.  I called Tech support and they told me there was an outage and the tech support center's servers went down also so they couldn't help me.  I decided to go to bed and try again in the morning.  That morning, everything was showing up (all lights on, TV's working fine, phone service works) but my internet was HORRIBLE!  0.21 download, 0.41 upload.  I called Tech and after Tier 1 couldn't help, I was transferred to Tier 2 where they ran a line test and said I was showing an incredible amount errors on my drop line (30K-1 mil+). So, I have an I&R tech coming out to check my drop line.  My question is I've had U-verse for 3 weeks now with flawless service, and all of a sudden my line is bad?  My only guess is maybe something happened to the line? Just strange an outage and then everything falls apart.  I'm not giving up hope yet!

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Re: Flawless U-Verse for 3 months, sudden unreliability in last 24 hours

Interesting -- you're in KC -- I am in Lawrence. Wonder if they had some huge regional issue in this part of the country?


We called and had to argue with Tier 1 for half an hour before they finally agreed to send someone out. As of right now, our connection is up, but like you, our speeds are horrible, only about 1-4 down and .5 to 1 up (it bounces around terribly from test to test) 


This all after over two months of perfect service where the speed never dropped below 17/1.45 and without any line errors. 

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Re: Flawless U-Verse for 3 months, sudden unreliability in last 24 hours

FWIW, I've had Uverse TV and Internet for 5 months, and so far, it has been flawless to this day! I've NEVER noticed the Interent go down, and as for TV, only a few glitches with the DVR in the early days, but that's it.  I couldn't be happier.


I'm sorry you guys are having issues, but hopefully it gets resolved and goes back to happy-land again for you both soon!

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Re: Flawless U-Verse for 3 months, sudden unreliability in last 24 hours

I just got U-verse (internet, TV, phone) in Riverside, CA 92882 a little over a week ago.  I have noticed frequent sporadic loss of connection on the RG, affecting internet, TV, and phone service, for usually 5 minutes at a time  3x between Pm and Pm on Monday 16th for instance). 

Tuesday 17 November 6:09pm I lost connection.  Although there were at least 2 times between then and 11pm that service was temporarily restored (a few minutes), it was still down at 6:00am Wed 18 November when I left for work (where I do have internet and phone access!).


a. Any chance this is a system-wide or regional issue, rather than just one isolated to my (and other above posters') locations?  Is there a URL where such are posted to inform the customers and maybe cut down on phone calls, because I would totally check a network status/open tickets area if I could. 


b. If I have something scheduled to record during one of these periods, is it recorded someplace else?  I noticed that when the U-verse connection was lost, I could not watch any of my previously recorded shows, leading me to suspect that they are not really recorded locally on my DVR, but offsite and then fetched on demand perhaps?


c. Is there a remote tool for checking my connection status?  I noticed in the Support area it will let you select Internet, and tell them that you have no connection ... But then it proceeds to run a Network Test ... Seemed odd to me because if my U-verse connected PC did NOT have internet connectivity, it could not reach the Support site to run such a Test; and using a different machine on a non-U-verse internet connection would probably give worthless results to the Test.


Sorry for the new questions, I tried to search the site but must not have had the right keywords to find the answers.  I hope when I get home it is working.






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Re: Flawless U-Verse for 3 months, sudden unreliability in last 24 hours

Add me to the list of noticing a difference. I have had U-verse for about 3 weeks. The speed has seemed to slow down since last night. And at the same time I had issues with my PS3 not connecting properly.  That is back up and running as of right now.


Issues like this occurred quite a bit with my old carrier (TWC), so as long as this is infrequent I can live with it.


BTW: I am in San Diego.

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Re: Flawless U-Verse for 3 months, sudden unreliability in last 24 hours

i live in La Mesa, CA and just yesterday the internet started acting up.  seems like it is super slow now.


my xbox 360 used to have 4 green bars when playing on XBox Live and it is now down to 1 small red one so the connection is horribly slow.


i just got off chating with tech support online and he said he changed the channels on the router and that I should contact microsoft with the new info so they can guide me to change the settings on my xbox but i dont think that will resolve anything.


add to the fact that the change on the computers isnt even that noticeable, its still slow compared to how it used to be ..


if anyone has a solution. please let us know!!

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Re: Flawless U-Verse for 3 months, sudden unreliability in last 24 hours

I'm actually experiencing the SAME problem. Service was good and then DSL went out the door as of yesterday. Really bad with lots of retries and lost packets. I'm actually waiting for a call back now from a Tier 2 supervisor about this, because since we've had U-Verse service it's been ONE PROBLEM after another. First our phone line and they FINALLY get that fix a WEEK later, then our TV Service is not program set up correctly, get that fixed yesterday and now it's Internet. There was a reason WHY I got away from AT&T a LONG time ago and now I'm remembering WHY I did.


The ONLY way to really get great service and help is to speak with a Tier 2 supervisor and I have to say service with the one supervisor was great and I really hope he calls back so we can FIX our Internet issue. So, I will beat it's not on your end if all was working great before. Good Luck.

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