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Flaky connection, non-existant telephone support


Flaky connection, non-existant telephone support

For the past few days, my internet connection has been dropping connections like crazy. We notice it most when I'm streaming video or playing online games (random freezes, disconnects).


When I reset the "brain", as the technician called it, the Broadband light alternates from flashing green for a few seconds to glowing a steady red, then repeats the pattern. Eventually, after several minutes, it finally stays green.


The DVR in the living room has started losing its programming. It'll stop recording shows it's scheduled to record.


The "remote" TV boxes in the two bedrooms say that there are no recorded shows when you go to that option in the menu, but there are recorded shows on the DVR if you go to the living room.


To top it all off, I've been trying to get through to technical support for about 30 minutes. Every time, the system prompts me through entering the same information, realizes I'm calling for service/support, and then tells me that the office is closed. However,,102&_DARGS=/esupport/sharedSegments/supportView... tells me that I have "Technical Support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week."


I need help getting this connection stablized or someone sent to the house to fix it. Since I can't get through by phone, and the only email options have to do with Yahoo functions, this is the only format I have to ask for support.


As you can imagine, a variety of expletives have been removed in order to try and solicit feedback. As it stands, I'm about ready to call up Charter and go back to their service.

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Re: Flaky connection, non-existant telephone support

To see if you're having a line issue that relates to these problems, please go to the following three links (these retrieve statistics from your Residential Gateway (RG) ), and post the statistics here:

These are the broadband link statistics, which can tell us your profile and approximate distance from the VRAD:

These are the broadband detailed statistics, which can tell us if you're having line errors:

These are the HPNA statistics, which can tell us if there is a problem with one or more of the coax runs in your home:

If any of these ask you for a password, the default password is on a white sticker on the side of your RG.

We may be able to see evidence of problems in these statistics and be able to advise you how to proceed.
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