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First problem - DVR playback video stutter

First problem - DVR playback video stutter

I just experienced my first problem.  When watching a DVR recording the picture would periodically freeze. I could rewind and  then get through the part that messed up.  That indicates the recoding was fine.


It just so happened the DVR was recording 3 HD streams at the time and I was watching one of the streams on another STB. I had about a 20 minute buffer on the video. 


All STBs are connected by CAT5e that I've tested the raw throughput with sustained gigabit speeds.  The STBs are connected direct to the RG.  This makes me think the network is fine.


So, if the recording is good and the network is good could it be that recording 3 streams and watching one on another STB was too much for the DVR to handle? 

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Re: First problem - DVR playback video stutter

A situation where it could not momentarily handle all that was happening.  Unluckily, generally there are times where all providers momentarily can't handle a situation. :smileysurprised:



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Re: First problem - DVR playback video stutter

I had an internal networking issue mentioned in another thread here.  The problem might have been related to the other issue I had.

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