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Fed up with TW... AT&T won't fix me up


Fed up with TW... AT&T won't fix me up

I've been begging AT&T to make U-verse available for my house for well over a year.  I am on a virtual island of houses on my side of the street on my block segment only that aren't eligible.  Across the street, behind me, and a few houses down either direction have it available.  I understand there are technical implications here, but I've been a long-term wireless customer and have spoken with a variety of AT&T reps who have all promised that some improvement will be made soon and it will be available.


I'm cancelling TW at the earliest and don't want to do satellite.  Maybe I need to cancel my wireless at the earliest as well.  I could go watch movies every night with the savings between those.  Smiley Happy


Sorry to rant.

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Re: Fed up with TW... AT&T won't fix me up

mpearce, help is on the way!  We are working very hard at expanding our footprint in cases like yours.  I know that it is frustrating, I was in the same situation for a couple of years myself.  We do have new technology that we are releasing to the field that will extend our reach, hopefully we will be able to get to you very soon.

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Re: Fed up with TW... AT&T won't fix me up

You might give David a call...following these instructions:


Click here for the most recent and updated contact info.


Prequal failures(New development: 06/01/10):

This is if you believe Uverse is in your area and think the database or the site is wrong. You can actually put in a “Address Validation Case” directly with at&t. Follow the directions below.

To put in a case:

  1. Call 1-888-ATT-2020
  2. Speak to uverse sales
  3. Request a/an “Address Validation Case”
  4. report which addresses are wanting service and which ones can get it.
  5. If a tech mentioned that you should be able to get uverse mention this too. If not don’t mention it.
  6. In the end you should get a FXXXXXXXX (a F and 8 digits afterwords) type of case number.

Since these cases take about 1-2 weeks to work it’s best if you wait and contact us back with the case number. Again the case number will be an FXXXXXXXXX type of number.


We used to be able to do these but due to recent sales and legal issues we cannot no longer directly put these in for customers. However, there is no rule that says customers can’t request these on their own.

Long story short, we can check the ticket, we just can’t start it! Starting it we need your help for. If the sales agent doesn’t understand or doesn’t want to do it, hang up and find another one. Unfortunately, only sales agents can put in these requests.


If you need to check a ticket you can either call back at the -2020 number or send an e-mail to with the FXXXXXXXX (F and 8 digits after) ticket number, and we can check it and let you know. In the subject line please put ticket check

If it is something outside the above scenario please use prequal-other

TROUBLES w/UVerse or install problems

Please note- Please be sure you call the 1-800-ATT-2020 number first and engage them. I have to give them the opportunity or opportunities to fail before we can jump in!! PLEASE DO THIS! you help in making your case stronger as well as mine when we refer it. Anyone who has not done this might be set to be contacted by a regular Tier 1 agent just so I can give them the opportunity to fail. We have to give them that opportunity to fail no ifs, ands or buts!

Via email send the following to this address: or


In the subject line put the following: [Trouble]

When you send the email, be sure to include as much of the following information:

  1. Account Number
  2. Link to your uverse topic
  3. Notes on the attempt to contact the 1-800-288-2020 please include case numbers!
  4. posting ID or username
  5. Address or location
  6. Who the tech or support person would be contacting
  7. Main contact number
  8. Alternate contact number
  9. A detailed description of the problem.
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Re: Fed up with TW... AT&T won't fix me up

Thanks fellas... I don't think the database is wrong as I've had a rep check it and at least one tech come out and look at the neighborhood infrastructure.  They assure me that I'm just a little too far out of range.  Roger, I hope that something new is on the way soon to fix me up.

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