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Feature Request 2Wire 3800 HGV-B UPnP support. Due date?


Feature Request 2Wire 3800 HGV-B UPnP support. Due date?

We really need UPnP support to support Windows 7 networking features like Remote Assistance.  Very very valuable, and without UPnP support, the 3800 HGV-B may not even be truly Windows compatible.


For Windows Remote Assistance to work, UPnP seems to necceary for two things.  Port forwarding TCP and UDP 3389 (Windows Remote Assistance) and UDP 3540 (PNRP Easy Connect) which can be configured manually on the router, and second, UPnP seems to also inform Windows what the public interface address of the router is, which allows  Windows Remote Assistance needs to properly compose an invitation file.  Without knowledge of the router's public IP address, obtained through UPnP, the XML invitataion file for Remote Assistance inserts the unworkable private IP address of the computer.  This may not be curable by just configuring port forwarding.


Is there a plan for UPnP support on the 3800 HGV-B, or plans to switch to a router that does support UPnP?


At least for me, Windows compatability is an urgent need.



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Re: Feature Request 2Wire 3800 HGV-B UPnP support. Due date?

The Novice Invites the Expert to Connect to Their Compute


When the Novice's computer creates the invitation file, the following actions occur:

  • The HelpAssistant account is enabled.
  • An entry in the Novice's table is created.
  • The following information is obtained from the Novice's computer: IP and computer name configuration information including requesting port mapping from any Universal Plug-and-Play (UPnP) Network Address Translation (NAT) servers on all interfaces on the Novice computer. If a UPnP NAT server is present, it responds with its external IP address and a port number reserved for the Novice computer. The UPnP NAT Server begins mapping traffic on the IP:smileytongue:ORT to port 3389 on the NAT Client Novice computer.



Note in this proccess UPnP communicates with NAT and informs Windows of what public address the novice computer is being nat'ed out to, and that (public) ip address along with port number is forwarded by Windows out to the expert computer in an invitation file.  Without UPnP being able to discover the details of NAT, this proccess will not work, even with port forwarding manually configured, because Windows can not properly compose the invitation file.  Invitation files are sent out with 192.168.1.X addresses.

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Re: Feature Request 2Wire 3800 HGV-B UPnP support. Due date?

btw I may have found a workaround, which I have not tested yet.  It is said with Windows Live Messenger you can use it to launch Remote Assistance, and because Messenger uses a whole other connectoin scheme to create a connection that is bi-directional, launching Remoate Assistance in this manner does not require UPnP capable devices.



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