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Fast Forward Comcast Sports Net games is broken


Fast Forward Comcast Sports Net games is broken

The last two Cubs games I've recorded I can't fast forward--everything else works fine with both the DVR and all other programs (i.e. they all fast forward just fine). When I click the "skip" fast forward button it just kind of stops for a second, and then continues where it left off. Same when I hit the FF button. This has occurred for the last 2 games in a row. I've tried all but a factory reset. I also did some research online and found that there IS an option that broadcasters can enable in the signal to prevent the FF from working for their program and that it's never supposed to be set for TV.....and that ATT is the only company that actually provides software/hardware that will honor this flag. I hope there is another explanation.
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Re: Fast Forward Comcast Sports Net games is broken

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