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Excessive ARP Broadcast on home network.


Excessive ARP Broadcast on home network.

I recently noticed unexplained network traffic on my iMac.  I downloaded and installed WireShark.   A capture on my home network shows the Uverse's 2Wire Router making non-stop round robin ARP broadcasts (who has 192.168.1.XX?  Tell on the network.


In the past six weeks I have had a few live HDTV, HDTV recordings, and VoIP drop out.   I had a service call and the solution was to swap out the router.  Afterward my new router started dropping my wireless connections.  It seems that I can only keep one or two devices on my wireless network at a time!  Oh, and the new router is still ARP broadcasting.  I have another service call scheduled for this morning to fix my wireless.


Anyone know why the routers is ARP OCD?


Uverse ARP Broadcast


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Re: Excessive ARP Broadcast on home network.

The 2Wire routers abuse the ARP protocol to maintain their internal list of active hosts on the network.


If you browse to the 2Wire router at, anywhere you see a list of hosts on the network, that list is maintained using these ARP broadcasts.


There is unfortunately no way to turn this off on the 2Wire router.


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