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Ethernet vs. Wireless speed


Ethernet vs. Wireless speed

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Desktop CPU,  ethernet connected to RG:  5831 kbps down, 950 kbps up

Laptop, wireless G card to RG:  3887 kbps down, 947 kbps up


Similar upload speeds, but very different on the download speeds.  The laptop is within 5 feet of the RG, excellent connection via wireless G.  

Any idea why the wireless d/l speed is so slow?  Both computers running XP, but the desktop has a more powerful Pentium processor (old single core Pentium) and 3GB RAM vs 1GB on the laptop.  Thanks for any input.  


BTW, I am paying for the 6mb u-verse package  

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Re: Ethernet vs. Wireless speed

A lot of times on wireless it's because of the particular wireless chipset in use.  Some are much better than others.  Particularly if this is the built-in wireless on an older laptop (which it sounds like it is), there are sometimes limitations.


You might try going to the DSLReports tools page, doing the Tweak Test, and tweaking the computer with Dr. TCP.  This can improve transfer speeds on WinXP.


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Re: Ethernet vs. Wireless speed

WOW!  I did the dslreports tweak test and made one little change to the RWIN and more than doubled my download speed.  Ran it just before and after the tweak and d/l speed went from 1704 to 4499.  I will play with the setting a little more, but a huge improvement.  Thanks for the great advice.
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Re: Ethernet vs. Wireless speed



I've been having problems with my download speeds (I have the 12mbs) but every speedtest was showing 2.8-4.0mbs.  I was starting to get very frustrated.  I too did the tweak test and after changing the RWIN setting once, I'm at 11.2 down, 1.4 up.  I'M HAPPIER THAN A PIG IN MUD!!



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Re: Ethernet vs. Wireless speed

Another happy customer, courtesy of SomeJoe! :smileywink:
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Re: Ethernet vs. Wireless speed

A question I've always wondered about:  How does one measure a pig's happiness, in mud vs. not in mud?  



ps congrats somejoe 

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Re: Ethernet vs. Wireless speed

I just tried this myself.  Went from 3.4 to 11.2 BAM!  just like that.


Thanks for the information.

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