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Email and Webserver at home


Email and Webserver at home

I have purchased several domain names.  What I would like to do is maybe run a webserver and exchange server at home.  I have the U-verse Max 18.  Is this possible with U-verse, and if so what would I need to do as far as AT&T goes to get this up and running.  Do I need to tell AT&T anything special?


This is my first attempt at trying to set some of this stuff up at home.  Mainly looking to experiment and learn.

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Re: Email and Webserver at home

For a simple Web server, you don't need to tell AT&T. A lot of U-verse subscibers host web pages, petcams and the like. Just be advised that your upload speeds won't support a lot of visitors and file uploads. You will need a dynamic DNS service to direct the traffic to your "dynamic" IP.


If you're a newbie, I wouldn't recommend running an exchange or mail server, unless you're fully versed in email security. The last thing you would want would to become a spammer's be-atch and then to get blacklisted, which could happen overnight.  



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Re: Email and Webserver at home

If you are looking to experiment and learn, fine... but in my experience, economics dictate paying for hosting service rather than trying to run your own servers at home.  They will host your web and email for you, with much better bandwidth than you have at home, for probably less than what you would pay for electricity to keep your servers on 24x7 at home.  


If you really want to go cheap, go free and use Google Apps as your hosting service.  That is what I do.  It works fine.  You just need to know how to play with the DNS settings on your provider, and Google provides pretty explicit help on doing this.  I pay zero dollars beyond what it costs to get the domain from (which is like $7/year or something).   


The only reason I'd recommend home hosting is (a) to get the experience like you are, or (b) if you have some kind of exotic server that isn't a commodity in the hosting world.   

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