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Do you pay for your next month's service?


Do you pay for your next month's service?

i had AT&T dsl with no contract and switched to U-Verse high speed, but i just got a last bill for the dsl's price, i thought i was paying every month for the month after, especially since i was told i would be credited for the time i wasnt using my dsl i paid for... any ideas?

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Re: Do you pay for your next month's service?

Welcome to UV HSI. Smiley Wink


Charges are pro-rated, and if you look at the dates on the prior DSL bill, they are probably for a partial month/prior period.  It takes 2-3 billing cycles (accounting schedules) to get credited properly.


If you end up with a credit balance for DSL, they may send you a check for that amount.  Or it's possible, they would post the credit due on the new UV HSI bill.

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