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Disable firewall and extra ports on 3800HGV-B (and hello!)


Disable firewall and extra ports on 3800HGV-B (and hello!)

I've seen a few threads on here (and the rest of the internet) relating to this, but I've not seen a definitive answer as to whether or not it's possible to completely disable the firewall on this device.  I think because nearly everything else on the device can be set to inactive--and this is clearly marked as active--that I'm assuming it can be as well.  I don't trust this firewall to handle or limit my concurrent connections or mess with my protocol timeouts, I have my own devices for that, thankyouverymuch.


I'll be using the DMZplus mode in order to utilise my own routing and switching hardware (and now that I think about it (based on menu location) maybe this is part of the firewall service...hmm...) and it'd sure be nice to be able to disable the other ports on the device (or at least filter them by MAC address).  I know this is probably asking a lot for a residential device, but I'm hoping somebody out there knows of a way to console into this device or to get to a much more advanced menu.


That said, I'm a brand spanking new U-verse customer (hello!) and look forward to seeing what goes on at this forum.  Good to see AT&T'll lift the restriction on port 25.



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Re: Disable firewall and extra ports on 3800HGV-B (and hello!)

Hang your whiz bang appliances off of one port in DMZ plus mode and cascade your devices off of that. Let the Uverse boxes hang off of the other switch ports and you should be good to go. Run your own address scheme for your internal network and let the RG DHCP handle the addressing for the Uverse stuff (otherwise you will have issues when they boot).

There's no magic menu available on the device, unfortunately.

Welcome to the forum.
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Re: Disable firewall and extra ports on 3800HGV-B (and hello!)

Indeed, I mentioned I'd be using the DMZplus earlier, and it's now working as expected.  I've only got one other device plugged in, and so it'd be nice to be able to filter what connects to it (either by MAC or, at the very least, by disabling the remaining two ports).  The more I read up on this manufacturer and this device in particular, it does indeed seem that there's not much more to configure than what's presented.  As expected, I'm running into some issues when opening multiple connections for some VPN-related stuff, so it'd be nice to be able to disable that firewall, but it most certainly seems to be part of the DMZplus function, and there's no way to increase socket capacity.  But, I digress.  I'm holding out for some magic URL that unlocks features on this device.  :smileyhappy:
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