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DVR slow to respond when hit any remote buttons???


DVR slow to respond when hit any remote buttons???

Yes this sounds lame but when you have to hit a button 5 times to get anything to happen it gets old really fast.


for example hit guide..power light blinks on DVR as says ok saw button pushed, about every 10 seconds repeat till it responds.


I dont think its the remote cause the light on the DVR blinks like it gets the signal but its busy and cant respond.  This is esp. difficult when putting in numbers, the delay changes channels to 15 instead of 151 or in 1 case I erased a show cause I kept hitting ok and it finally responded after it moved down 1 spot to far and then took a bunch of ok ok ok on erase.



any ideas on why its gotten so slugish?

the remote box is not near as bad but does this some.



Houston, TX.

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ACE - Expert

Re: DVR slow to respond when hit any remote buttons???

It does not sound wierd to me. I believe you. My suggestion will sound wierd to you. Cut a piece of electrical tape 1/4" by 2" and place it on the black part of the DVR between the USB port and the lights. After you do this, you can also not point the remote directly at the DVR. You can bounce it off the floor (the beam, not the remote) Or, turn your wrist so that the top/bottom of the remote is side to side.


Please let me know if any of these things make a difference. I believe the IR sensor is too sensitive. These things work for me.

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Re: DVR slow to respond when hit any remote buttons???

I could no longer control the volume on the stereo but the light would flash on both receiver and remote. Replaced the batteries in the remote and all is well.Smiley Wink

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