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DVR doesn't respond to remote control - my husband figures out a crazy fix!


DVR doesn't respond to remote control - my husband figures out a crazy fix!

We just switched from Comcast to U-verse.  Everything was surprisingly smooth and easy until about 6 hours after the installer left and I decided to schedule some recordings. 


THE PROBLEM:  The DVR appeared to ignore the remote.  Installed fresh batteries but it didn't fix it.  The DVR responded perfectly when I programmed it from the internet and it responded to requests from the non-DVR TV's and it worked if you pressed the buttons on the front of the box.  Tried another remote, no change.  Occassionally the DVR responded to the remote for 20 minutes or so but then would stop or would only respond to every 5th or 6th button press.  Extremely frustrating!  We decided it must be the sensor in the unit, called AT&T tech support, they agreed and sent a technician with a new box the next day.  The new box worked briefly but, once again, a few hours later it stopped responding to the remote.  My son noticed that if he held the remote 12 inches from the DVR face, it worked fine all the time.  Well, that's not a solution!


I called AT&T tech support again and the guy I spoke to was certain that I was an idiot that kept forgetting to press the AT&T button on the remote before I tried to control the DVR.  Since this was NOT the case, I hung up feeling extremely frustrated and was on the verg of deciding that we would have to keep our Comcast service which had not been disconnected yet.


THE FIX:  My husband has an electrical engineering degree and he was trying to understand whether the remote was Infrared, LED or radio in an effort to get to the root of the problem since we were now abandoned by AT&T tech support.  We never really answered that question but he did fix the problem by turning the DVR sideways to the room!!!!  Why does this work? We don't know.  My husband is speculating that the signal from the remote may be too loud, instead of too weak, and is bouncing off nearby components and confusing the sensor.  This might explain why holding it 12 inches away worked perfectly, no bouncing.  Of course, my husband the engineer is not satisfied because he wants to understand exactly what is going on but the rest of the family is very happy.  For now, the AT&T DVR box is happily sitting on the shelf with it's side turned toward the room.  I think I'll disconnect the Comcast tomorrow.


There must be something unusual about our component setup because I can't find that other people are having this problem.  So why would we have it with too different DVR's?  Very strange!  I'm posting this in case someone is frustrated by the same problem and looking for a solution.

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Re: DVR doesn't respond to remote control - my husband figures out a crazy fix!

mibrnsurg wrote:

Have a hunch you have an LCD, check for these settings on your advanced settings on the menu: Dynamic Contrast, Auto or Ambient Brightness, Energy Saver or Auto Iris. If you have any of them or similar ones try turning them 'off'. All of these can cause Uverse remote problems w/an LCD.  It's Infrared interference, if it's a plasma, getting the front of the DVR away from the front of the TV emitting Infrared soved the problem (possibly if an LCD too).  :smileywink:



Please NO SD stretch-o-vision or 480 SD HD Channels
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I just switched from my 3-year old Motorola VIP 1216 to the new Motorola VIP 1225 (larger capacity DVR) as the hard disk on my original DVR had started vibrating and humming. The new DVR was installed yesterday and it definitely 'ignored' the remote commands. I was getting quite frustrated and then I remembered seeing your post about 'automatic' settings. I checked all my settings and no automatic color, brightness, etc. So I moved the DVR around a bit... thinking it was interference; still no joy. Just now I remembered my Sony Bravia has an auto light sensor - and it was on. I turned it off and Viola!!! No more Remote Control problem. Thanks Chris!


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Re: DVR doesn't respond to remote control - my husband figures out a crazy fix!

Thank you for posting your crazy fix. I was begining to think we were the only ones experiencing remote problems. At least thats the way tech support and local stores made me feel. I have turned the box and some of the remote problems have been solved. I'm hoping AT&T realizes there is a problem and is works on a true fix.



I have the Motorola VIP1225 which is a newer box for AT&T


My remote seems to ignore/sluggish in responding.


Thanks again my life is a little easier or at least less frustration

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Re: DVR doesn't respond to remote control - my husband figures out a crazy fix!

I have also found that my DVR stops responding to the remote when the hard drive has less than 20% remaining.
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Re: DVR doesn't respond to remote control - my husband figures out a crazy fix!

Your husband is a genius.  We have struggled with this all week.  We bought a new T.V. have made three phone calls to Uverse and have had support come to our house who basically took 5 minutes to hand us two new remotes. It only happens at night and of course when the service person was out everything was working perfectly.  I turned the box sideways while my husband was on the phone with uverse (thanks to your thread) and it instantly started working normally.  Maybe Uverse should hire your husband!

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