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DVR Problems


DVR Problems

Please HELP!!! I have had problems with my DVR receiver since my system was installed in Sept. '08. I finally convinced the U-Verse repair man to replace my box. I don't know any of the technical jargon but something about my system would not except a comparable box so I got an upgraded box....a VIP 1225.....and a new RG????


So now my box appears to be working normally...Finally...But


It has recorded all of my scheduled shows but I CAN NOT view them from any receiver not even the DVR receiver. It shows that the full hour was recorded but when I tell it to play it only plays the first 10 to 15 seconds of the recording and pops up with the recorded TV menu....Play again...Watch Live TV....Recorded TV....etc...the thing that confuses me most is that I do not get any error messages....just the you would get when the show has reached the end of the recording.....


I have tried to unplug/reset both my router and DVR box but it has not repaired my problem. Can any explain what I need to do to watch my recorded shows

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Re: DVR Problems

Call tech support, perform the dances they ask for - reset, reboot,stand on head, etc., and if that doesn't resolve it, schedule a tech visit and don't let the tech close the ticket / leave until he demonstrates to you that it is working properly (or he sets up follow up action to get it fixed).


I'd guess the box might be broken or there's some problem with the box authorization / content protection - whatever it actually, phone support and a possible follow up tech visit should get you fixed up!

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Re: DVR Problems

If you did unplug the DVR for about 30 seconds and plug it back in and it didn't fix it, then a disaster recovery is in order.  Unplug the power, then while holding down the power, down arrow and OK buttons on the DVR until the lights flash after plugging it back in (probably need two people).  If this doesn't fix it call TS for a new DVR.  Good luck :smileywink:




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Re: DVR Problems

If you can't access the dvr from the other stbs do a soft reboot of the stbs.  Also, you might want to try resetting the rg just to make sure all of the boxes are communicating with it properly.  Try doing another recording for 30 minutes and see if you can watch the entire program.  After you have done all of these things call ts and ask to have a tech sent out to check the dvr, it could be bad.
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