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DVR Freezing when I turn on my TV


DVR Freezing when I turn on my TV

So I just got my u-verse service installed on saturday.  Today is tuesday and I've had to reset my dvr (holding the power button for 5 seconds) probably 4 or 5 times already.  When I turn on my tv and receiver i usually briefly hear the audio come through my speakers but when my tv warms up the whole thing freezes and i have to reset my dvr to get it to work.  This is really annoying if there is a recording going on because it interrupts it and it also takes a good 5 minutes.  My DVR is hooked up to my tv with component cables and i'm using optical for my audio.  What is going on here?
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Re: DVR Freezing when I turn on my TV

I am NO geek at this stuff, HOWEVER we have had the TV's freeze for months. Till just for the h3!! Of it, I unplugged (rebooted?) a little mini router (what ever its called) that was behind the TV's/video game box, this thingy also runs to another part of the houses TV. It has been fine now for about a year. Till today anyhow.  Note prior to unplugging the little router the techs have been out three times. Any they were on their way again, I tried to cancel their trip but they didn't get the message in time. This last tech said that after quick power failures or brown outs that this little router may have to be rebooted.  DUH!!!!
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Re: DVR Freezing when I turn on my TV

I had a problem with my STB constantly freezing up. I had techs out 4 times as well. Fortunately the last guy, William, and his buddy Chris figured it out.  Looks like my Sont Wega was the culprit.


See this thread.


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Re: DVR Freezing when I turn on my TV

I've been having the same issue I have a KDF-55E2000. No tech has been able to fix my issues with the DVR box freezes and only way to get it working is by unplugging the power and rebooting the DVR.


1st-tech claimed it was a box and swapped box and Ethernet cable. (no-luck) 2nd-tech changed power brick to dvr and gateway (no luck) 3rd-tech changes from HDMI to components and no luck either. let's see what tech # 4 will say.

Don't wait the 14 days that is just a line the tech will use just so that if you call back it the ticket will not reflect negatively on them.

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Re: DVR Freezing when I turn on my TV

Is your tv connected to the stb by an hdmi cable?  If so follow these instructions.  While the tv and the stb and television are turned on, disconnect the hdmi cable from the stb.  Press and hold the power button on the stb until the lights blink.  After 5 minutes reconnect the hdmi cable.  Then try turning on the tv and stb using the remote.

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