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DVR - Coax or ethernet


DVR - Coax or ethernet

For my setup there was both a coax and an ethernet available for the main DVR; tech used coax. Any bandwidth/quality difference between the 2? I would think ethernet would have been the choice....



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Re: DVR - Coax or ethernet

Properly installed, there would be no difference between coax and ethernet.

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Re: DVR - Coax or ethernet

I have coax and have no issues at all.  I've been using U-Verse for 2.5+ years.  They would've had to completely rewire my house for ethernet and I told them coax was fine as long as there were no issues.  The only maintenance I've had done since the original install is that a tech came about 1 year in and replaced all the coax ends and connectors.

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Re: DVR - Coax or ethernet

Both CAT5+/ethernet and Coax work fine if properly installed and the cable is good


That aside, while Coax does work fine when in good shape and properly installed, there are many more points of failure, for a proper Coax install, it needs to be RG6 in perfect shape, and all fittings, wall plates and couplers replaced


Personally, being that U-verse is IPTV, key word (or letters) being IP (meaning Internet Protocol), I prefer CAT5+ (+ meaning "and up") over Coax any day, even over perfectly installed Coax, also, there are very few points of failure, unlike Coax, which needs to have fittings replaced with spefic compression fittings, even if in good shape, CAT5 on the other hand doesn't require fittings to be replaced, any old ethernet cable off the shelf will work


Like I said above, in a situation where both are available and no new wiring needs to be pulled, I would instantly jump for CAT5+, not only are there less points of failure, but it also leaves the Coax open for other uses, like a backup OTA antenna for example, HPNA over Coax was really only designed for areas where it's hard to run new cabling, yet Coax is already available

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