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DNS cannot find Google


DNS cannot find Google

This morning DNS could not find Google from my AT&T Uverse account.   I could reach it via my iPhone and from my network connection at work.    This is not acceptable!
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Re: DNS cannot find Google

Some people have had luck hard-coding their DNS information in each of their clients.  This way you can use OpenDNS (or AT&T's DNS servers) and bypass the translation on the RG. has information on how to configure your clients with their address.

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Re: DNS cannot find Google

Open DNS was up and down for me had better luck using AT&T servers but at times it to can be slow.
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Re: DNS cannot find Google

According to dnsguy at, it is the 2wire RG w/dns problems. A good work around is to hard code the ATT DNS servers in your connections wired/wireless in the lower right corner of your Windows taskbar. Double click the wired (do the wireless one next if installed and active) connection, click 'properties', double click 'internet protocol (TCP/IP)', leave 'obtain IP address' alone. chose 'use the following dns servers' , plug in and then, then click 'ok', then 'ok' again and 'close'. For good measure bring up a command prompt and run 'ipconfig /flushdns' then press 'enter', you should be good to go w/o any page load or graphic load problems or 'looking up...' waiting times. Had the usual slow downs and I'm back to my old standbys for DNS. :smileywink:



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