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Connection to my PS3


Connection to my PS3

Recently, I have switched to U-Verse and I have wireless internet working on my laptop perfectly.  What I can't figure out is why it won't come up on my Playstation 3.  I have all of the codes like the SSID and the WEP and the PS3 recognizes that my new wireless network is avaliable.  When it asks me to connect I has me put in a security code.  I believe the wireless has WPA password security but I don't know what code I should use or where it is.

I would appreciate any feedback because I have been trying all night to get this up and it is frustrating.


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Re: Connection to my PS3

your Wireless Network Key can be found on your Router Box (2wire Residential Gateway) on the barcode sticker.
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Re: Connection to my PS3

The WEP (wireless encryption key) is also the wireless network key. It's already in your hands JKust. :smileyhappy: Try connecting again and use the WEP key for the security code. It will prompt you to reenter your WEP key. Then click on connect and your good to go.  
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