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Connection Problems


Connection Problems



My parents are customers, and we recently switched ISP's. Although I am not a customer, and certainly not paying for the bills, I am the technician of the family.


The setup is the provided dsl modem, and then that is connected to a router. I am directly connected to the router, with an ethernet cable. Connection is fine until, thrity to sixty minutes. The connection is then disconnected/interrupted/lost. I then have to repair the connection and it works fine.


Problem is how do I fix this, as it is a nuisance and troublesome when working online for extended periods of time.


The ETHERNET label on the modem blinks and is never a stable glowing green.


Thanks for your time and response.

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Re: Connection Problems

If the Ethernet light blinks on your gateway, then you might have a problem with the connection coming into you house. Or it could be that adjustments need to be made to your gateway.


When I first established service, my connection via Ethernet cable dropped frequently. And when I recently upgraded to a wireless computer, I couldn't establish a connection at all. In each instance, I called customer service, and they were able to make the proper adjustments to my gateway on the spot, and my connection became much more stable even as I was talking with them on the phone.


Try calling customer service at 1-800-ATT-2020, and they may well be able to help with your problem.

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Re: Connection Problems

He has a router connect by ethernet cable, so the ethernet light should be blinking all the

time.  I have a computer and DVR connected by ethernet cable and my lite is blinking all

the time. :smileywink:



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Re: Connection Problems

Have you tried a different port on the router or RG?  Have you also tried a different ethernet cable?


- Steve

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