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Connection Issues


Connection Issues

I have been having this problem for about 3 months. Once a month my wife has to go online to her company's website to bid for overtime. She can log onto this site at anytime with no problem except when she bidding for overtime. The bidding starts at exactly 10:00PM Central Time. She can logon with no problem but when a run is presented to bid on and she clicks on it the Internet Explorer freezes and the progress bar does not move for at least a minute. She can never get a bid because of this. We have tried this on three different computers here at home(2 connected by wifi and one  by network cable).  I have added a Wireless Links router to my system in hopes of fixing the problem. That increased my range and speed but did not solve the problem. I would chalk it up to too many users on the site bidding but she has friends on Comcast and Uverse without the problem. I have AT&T U-verse High Speed Internet Max Plus with 18 mbps download speed. I have had AT&T tech here and he replaced the modem. Everything works fine except the night she bids and its only her company website. I would appreciate any assistance in this matter.

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Re: Connection Issues

I would try a different DNS some have luck with Open DNS and some such as I the and works

best for me on some tech sites.

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Re: Connection Issues

I'd suggest trying a different web browser or make sure you are running the latest version of Internet Explorer. Sometimes things can be glitchy in Internet Explorer expcially nowadays. Check out Firefox or Google Chrome and see if that solves the problem.

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Re: Connection Issues

I think if you try use DNS or any other DNS into your computer that will give you limited browsing issues. Like you can browse this particular site and you can't browse other site. Usually at&t router update at night.  So some of the issues occurs at night. Smiley Wink

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Re: Connection Issues

She can logon with no problem but when a run is presented to bid on and she clicks on it the Internet Explorer freezes and the progress bar does not move for at least a minute


this sounds like 

a) your connection is actually good, or you wouldn't be able to log on

b) the site is being hammered with traffic. probably a lot of people are trying to bid on overtime all at the same time so the site cannot serve all the simultaneous server requests. 


that's my partially educated guess. you see this a lot with other websites that have low bandwidth and get a sudden flurry of requests, like those online deal sites (, etc) right after they post a really hot deal and everyone tries to get in at the same time. 


a good way to test will be to wait till 10pm tonight and try to request from a variety of sites. if you can get to them fine, stream content, etc, then it's not your connection. it's your wife's company's crappy server. 

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Re: Connection Issues

Thanks for the replies. I have one more question concerning this situation. Is there any settings on my end that I can make to fix this because my wife is talking about scrapping the whole Uverse and going back to Comcast. What troubles her is her friends who both stay near the Pearland area can get most times with no problem. Again, thanks for the help!

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