Connecting Wii to the U-verse


Connecting Wii to the U-verse

We have a Wii and I would like to connect it to the U-verse system.  Can anyone help me do this?  We tried to connect it to the back of the TV (HD Sony Bravia) and we are able to get video, but no audio :smileysad: ... Any ideas or instructions would be so helpful.



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Re: Connecting Wii to the U-verse

It is pretty simple. I have my PS3 and Wii hooked up with no problem attached to a Sony Bravia. If you have the same cable as I do for the Wii, which is the red, white, and yellow male plugs. Red and white are used for the audio and yellow used for the video. Attach these plugs to the TV directly and bypass the Uverse box. With your normal TV remote control select what input you plugged into and you should have video plus audio.

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Re: Connecting Wii to the U-verse

Plug it back up then:

Set up your Wii's audio output type....


Select Wii Options (the Wii dot in the lower left corner of the screen)

Select Wii Settings

Select Sound

Select the option Stereo if you are using RED WHITE audio cables

Select the option Surround if you are using a Toslink cable


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Re: Connecting Wii to the U-verse

why not connect the wii wirelessly?  it works best and its easiest.   hint:   you need your u-verse box password.

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