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Coax Connection to iMac Connected Device


Coax Connection to iMac Connected Device

Hi - I have a coax connection to an EyeTV HD device. I keep losing the link, randomly. I schedule something to record on the computer, and what I get is 2 hours of "Television Signal Has Been Lost", followed by a list of 5 things to try, including powering off receivers, residential gateway, etc.


I'va had Uverse for about 4 months, or so, but, just got the eyeTV HD. When on cable, I had another device that got unscrambled HD channels in the clear. 


I use the eyeTV device to capture/edit shows for later viewing on an i-device. 


Any suggestions? This SEEMS to have happened just since the recent software upgrades. 


Client version is 2.0.26496.12


Suggestions, and what debugging information to capture, welcomed. FWIW, I can run MAC or PC debugging tools against the residential gateway, or receivers. Thanks.



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Re: Coax Connection to iMac Connected Device

Excellent. I'm traveling foe the next week, but will try it when I get home.
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Re: Coax Connection to iMac Connected Device

hi - ok, updated the microsoft utility in my fusion environment, got the uverse utility installed, and got it working. Even ran the extended statistics, or, whatever it was called, at the gateway. 


Nothing is jumping out at me. Suggestions of what to look for? I'm still thinking it's some kind of link strength issue. Even this weekend, I was watching a ball game on the computer, and got the "link has been lost" screen, twice in about 30 min. Other TVs all seem fine. 


Last night, set to record a couple of things, and got nothing. Last week, got 3 out of 4. 


Any suggestions are welcome. 


BTW - even though the screen says "link lost", the "green light" on the front, next to the blue light, was as.... odd.

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Re: Coax Connection to iMac Connected Device

Can you post screenshots of IP/Profile, Bitloading, Coax/HPNA, and Error Table tabs?
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Re: Coax Connection to iMac Connected Device

Thanks for the ongoing help. Sorry for slow reply - hectic week! I hope you see something here. It continues to be sporadic. 



I can't remember if the moderator has to do something to make these images viewable. If I've posted something that won't get resolved, someone please suggest best method to post an image. Thanks.
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Re: Coax Connection to iMac Connected Device

You might want to upload them to a photo sharing site, like Picasa, Google, Photobucket, ImageShack, etc. and then post the links here.


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Try this link - let me know...

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Re: Try this link - let me know...

I don't see too much in the images that points to a problem, although the bitloading graph looks a bit odd.

The message you're getting "TV signal has been lost" is coming from the U-Verse box -- meaning that it isn't getting the U-Verse signal over the coax connection. This rules out problems with the connection between the box and the EyeTV, and rules out problems with the EyeTV.

I would follow the suggestion above of mikedamirault: Temporarily remove the coax connection from this U-Verse box, and use a long Ethernet cable to plug it into the 2Wire 3801. Run it like that for a week and see if there's any problems (I bet there isn't). If that's the case, have a technician come to fix/condition that coax cable run by replacing wall plates, end connectors, and splitters, if required.
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