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Cat 6 cable connection


Cat 6 cable connection



My U-verse was installed with the RG at the living-room TV and my upstairs Desktop connecting through the USB 2WIRE ethernet adapter.

This connection is just too slow, I want to run a cat 6 cable from my Desktop computer for faster internet connection.


My question...where do I plug the other end of this cable in?

On the RG itself or is there a splitter or something else to plug it into?


Thanks for the advise. 

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Re: Cat 6 cable connection

The Ethernet connection will run from the desktop computer's ethernet port to any of the four ethernet ports on the RG.


Just out of curiosity, do you know if you are connected to a USB 1.0, 1.1, or 2.0 port on your computer?  I'm not sure if you have one of the higher tiers of internet service, but if you are using a USB 1.0 or USB 1.1 connection that could be your bottleneck.  USB 1.1 operates at 12Mbps line rate, while your actual ethernet data rate will be lower due to overhead.  USB 1.0 is eight times slower than USB 1.1.  If you have a USB 2.0 connection, then the USB interface probably isn't the bottleneck.


Good luck,


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Re: Cat 6 cable connection

How exactly is the upstairs desktop connection currently made?  I thought the USB Adapters AT&T was installing were all wireless (but I didn't require any, so not 100% sure of this.)


If you would like a hard run back to the RG with Cat 6, there are 4 Ethernet ports on the back of the RG (I'm currently using 3 of the 4.)  I'm not sure if these ports are just FastEthernet (100Mbs) or Gig-Ethernet (1000Mbs), but I have heard that if more Ethernet ports were required, then AT&T would put in an external Gig-Ethernet Switch.


If you do run a Cat 6 cable, make sure to follow the basic rules and get good terminations on both ends.  (Stay as far away from any AC power wires - if you have to cross them, try and do it at a 90% angle, completely stay away from ALL florecent lights and anything else that might put off high EMI.)



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Re: Cat 6 cable connection

Thanks Steve,


I believe I am plugged into USB 2 (just because the front USB port threw up a message saying device needs USB 2 and when I plugged it directly into the back of computer I didn't get this message).


It appears the problem is the signal strength at the wireless adapter.

It is always at "very low".

The cable should solve any wireless problems.


Best regards, 

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Re: Cat 6 cable connection

One other thing you might try then is to check the wireless power setting on the RG since you mentioned that the signal strength at your USB wireless adapter shows low received power.  You can find the procedure of how to change this in the RG User's Manual.


If this is the issue it will save you having to run a hardwired connection.


Hope this helps,




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