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Can not watch videos on


Can not watch videos on

At work, I go to this site and can watch any video. At home (I got U-Verse on Saturday) I get The requested video can not be displayed in your region for every video I try to watch. What gives?
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Re: Can not watch videos on

Found another one here, still unresolved? :smileysad:

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Re: Can not watch videos on

This may or may not help. I can get to the ATTONLINE site and I can watch the vids. I can also tell you, your not missing anything. To me the vid quality sucks. Going straight to hulu I get much better quality vids, but all in all IMHO they are both terrible quality when compared to regular (non-HD) tv. They only stream at max 480p and that is full of frame drops and macro blocking. This is probably alright if your watching on your phone but anything larger than that is a pretty lousy experience. I also fail the "Flash Port Test" but the vids still play.





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Re: Can not watch videos on

David is working on this as some cannot see them for some reason (I can view as well).  Any fresh ideas on why this might be happening?

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