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Can I browse internet over TV?


Can I browse internet over TV?

Is there a way to browse the internet over TV if I have both U-Verse high speed internet and TV bundle?  I'd love to watch some instant movies from Netflix on the TV instead of on my computer.
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Re: Can I browse internet over TV?

Not at this time.  The U-Verse boxes cannot yet browse the Internet on the TV, although the system theoretically could support such a function in the future.


At this point, the U-Verse boxes will not stream media from Netflix, nor will they stream video from your computers.  However, the recently-released Media Share feature will allow you to stream music and pictures from your computer.  Check the features forum for several threads on Media Share.


If you want to stream video from Netflix, you will need a Roku or similar device.  Some Blu-Ray players and some TVs also now have the ability to stream from Netflix directly.


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Re: Can I browse internet over TV?

Step 1 hook up the computer to the computer connection on the tv (if it has the appropriate connection on the back) and use the tv as your monitor. the best way is use a kvm switch if you only have one monitor connection on your computer.


step 2. open up web browser and surf til your hearts content and stream the videos. 



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Re: Can I browse internet over TV?

Connecting a 4-port HDMI switch (w/ remote) helps as well....  Only feature that would come in handy would be a component vs HDMI switch.  I experience intermittent metallic audio with HDMI connections and every ATT service tech mentions the HDMI out on the Motorola boxes have issues with some TV Mfgs; solution = component connections. 
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