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Can I add a switch?


Can I add a switch?

With the help of this forum, I was able to troubleshoot my DVR freeze to the extender box.Looks like it is a bad coax connection somewhere (i'm guessing in the wall. I used the ethernet cable from my xbox 360 and now its streaming my recorded shows without issue. But now my xbox doesn't have a ethernet cable. Can I put a small switch/hub by the xbox and cable box and just plug then into it? I figure a 100 mb switch should be fine to stream a single HD recorded show? Has anyone done this?



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Re: Can I add a switch?

Yes, you can use a switch, but to work properly with the U-Verse system, the switch needs to support 802.1p, which is a QOS marker in Ethernet frames.


Almost all gigabit switches support 802.1p (such as the NetGear GS-105).  Some 100Base-TX switches also support it, but you will have to check their specifications to be sure.


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