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Bypass firewall on 3800HGV-B possible?


Bypass firewall on 3800HGV-B possible?

I was recently convinced by an ATT rep to switch from Charter's 18mbps internet to u-verse TV + 12mbps package. The ATT tech replaced Charter's cable modem with 3800HGV-B, which I can't figure out how to configure it with my Netgear WNDR3700 wireless router.

Before the switch, I had my PC's IP in WNDR3700's DMZ address and WNDR3700 -> cable modem. It save me time of configuring port forwarding for individual applications. This PC is mainly used for Torrent, eMule, p2p TV, VOIP and video conferencing. I have another laptop for everything else. 

Is there a way that I can configure 3800HGV-B / WNDR3700 so this PC will be exposed to internet just like before? I read something about setting up DMZ plus mode for WNDR3700 in 3800HGV-B, but totally lost after that. Can some guru shine some lights on the rest of the configuration?

If nothing work, can I simply connect the outside line to my WNDR3700 instead of 3800HGV-B (right now) and bypass 3800HGV-B all together? (I do not watch u-verse TV and never will)

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Re: Bypass firewall on 3800HGV-B possible?

See this ComputerJoe post on how to set up the DMZ:

This is the 2Wire GUI page to set up DMZ:

To make any changes, you'll need the system password on the RG sticker.  The 3800HGV-B must be used as it gets the authorization to use the ATT system, where an outside router could not do that.  Good luck Smiley Wink



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Re: Bypass firewall on 3800HGV-B possible?

I have that same router setup too.I connected it to the gateway via ethernet and placed it in the DMZ on the gateway.I then had to use DHCP on the 3700 and let it get it's IP from the gateway automatically,it won't work if you try to assign an IP to it from the 3700,I don't think the gateway will let you use an assigned IP if I remember correctly.While all other devices show an address like on the gateway,the 3700 shows the actual ip address 99.109.xx.xx on the gateway and on the 3700.I turned off the gateways wireless since its so slow anyways and just use the 3700's wireless.I then setup my lan on the 3700 as usual.Works great.

Hope this helps or makes sense even.The WNDR3700 is a great router and with my setup,both have been trouble free for about 6 months or so.

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