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Bring internet to old wall jack


Bring internet to old wall jack

I have U-Verse and the previous residents of my house had U-Verse.  The previous residents had AT&T bring in a wire into the family room where they had 2 jacks installed (green and blue pairs).  See the link below for a diagram.  I had AT&T bring the ethernet cable into my basement where I have my modem/router.  I would like to bring internet access to the blue jack in my family room (the old U-Verse jack).  Outside my house in the AT&T box the two ethernet cables from my basement and my family room meet.  The green wires go into the locked portion of the box where I can only assume they both connect to the outside internet somehow.  However, the blue pairs of wires for both cables are just sitting there.  Can I connect those two blue pairs?  What I am hoping this will do is allow the jack in my Family room to be active by connecting to my router directly.  One potential problem I see with this is that the ethernet cable coming out of my router/modem is connected to the "internet in" port and not one of the "internet out" ports (1-4).  Any advice?  Thanks.
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Re: Bring internet to old wall jack

I think I found a bigger problem with my idea so let me rethink this and I'll post again if I still have a question.  The problem I realized is that the wires connecting my router to the box outside and the wire connection my wall jack to the box outside is NOT ethernet, it is a phone cable.  So the wall jacks in my family room are not ethernet, but are phone sized jacks instead.  Looks like I'll need to run an ethernet cable from my router and into my family room somehow.

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